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Sharing Your Vision

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Sharing your vision as a leader gives your team a clear idea of the destination and the route to get there. When you share your vision, you inspire your team, give them a sense of purpose, and create a common goal that everyone can work towards. Plus, it fosters transparency and trust, making the journey a collaborative and exciting adventure for everyone involved.

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Inspiring through Shared Vision
In any organization, employees are inspired to go the extra mile when they feel that their roles are important. They develop a sense of purpose when they are able to connect their work with the organization's culture and purpose. To develop an organization driven by a shared purpose, you need to inspire through a shared vision. You can do this by crafting a compelling vision for the future and aligning it with the aspirations of your employees. In this course, you will learn the qualities of a visionary leader and the markers of a compelling vision. You will also learn how to create a shared vision, as well as ways to make the shared vision a reality.
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Unlock the Power of Purpose, powered by MIT SMR
In this course, the authors explain how the Purpose Strength Framework helps companies derive business value from a clear, consistent corporate purpose that drives collaboration, innovation, and growth.
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Leading through Inspiration
People are inspired when they trust their leaders and are mobilized by common goals. When you strive for inspirational leadership, you demonstrate credibility and create a community with a shared vision. In this course, you'll learn about the characteristics that inspire people. You'll also learn about traits and behaviors that inspirational leaders exemplify. Finally, you'll learn about the role of clear, credible, and persuasive messages in providing inspiration.
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Sharing a Vision
"Successful leaders strive to communicate a sense of vision with integrity, building trust as both an individual and as a visionary leader. This course provides a general introduction to visionary leadership, including its nature and its purpose. You will be guided through numerous techniques and methods for a leader to successfully communicate vision, such as personalizing and multiplying a clear message, communicating enthusiasm in an authentic way, and making the organization's vision the employees' own vision. "
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Why We Don't Talk About Meaning at Work, powered by MIT SMR
The recent pandemic has caused many of us to pause and reevaluate the role work plays in our lives and what truly matters to us. Employers who can't offer meaningful work risk demotivating or losing valued employees. In this course, the authors share details pertaining to the meaning-making process and the role of meaningful conversation.
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The Leadership Challenge Workbook: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations, Fourth Edition
In the thoroughly revised and updated Fourth Edition of The Leadership Challenge Workbook, renowned leadership educators James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner deliver their latest update to one of the world's bestselling works on leading others in organizational settings.
book Duration 1h 23m book Authors By Barry Z. Posner, James M. Kouzes



MIT Sloan Management Review Article on How Shared Responsibility Can Shape a Compelling Vision
This article from MIT Sloan Management Review emphasis a sense of shared responsibility helped propel the U.S. to the moon - and it's a crucial quality for high-performing leaders and teams.
book Duration 4m book Authors By Radhika Dutt


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