Management Training and Development

Skillsoft’s Business and Leadership solutions are designed for today’s digital organization and today’s modern learner, who only has 1% of the workweek available for learning. Micro-learning is the key.

All of Skillsoft’s new content offering is delivered in short, bursts of learning which take the form of 3-5 minute micro-videos embedded within 30 minute courses. Backed by the latest in brain science research, Skillsoft provides the most engaging and comprehensive content offering available to teach the business and leadership skills required in today’s digital business environment.

The modern look and feel of Skillsoft courseware ensures a highly engaged learner, with uncompromising quality and learning outcomes.

In addition to unmatched content coverage, Skillsoft’s approach to design is unique in the marketplace. Skillsoft’s instructional design approaches and pedagogical methodologies are rigorously applied across the entire content portfolio to ensure the best learner experience, every time.


Learning effectiveness is optimized through:
  1. Powerful imagery – important to recall and application on the job
  2. Balance of narration, visuals, and text- critical to solidify the learning and minimize distractions
  3. Conveyance of meaning – not just rote information transfer
  4. Conversational style – in line with how we naturally learn
  5. Outstanding production quality with good content pacing

Skillsoft offers management training solutions for leaders at all levels of an organization, including:

Executive Education

Content from the top minds of the business and leadership community in a variety of formats, so your executives can get the information they need delivered in an effective, efficient manner.


First-Time Managers

Prepare new managers to be more effective, impactful leaders. We combine insight from leading publishers and industry experts with expert instructional design to create solutions that ensure relevant, continuous development that will help create future leaders.


Individual Contributors (Project Management)

Become proficient in skills vitally important to your organization. We offer a variety of precisely targeted business certifications and business methods to keep them current. Learn more our project management certification.