August Newsletter: Bootcamps Unleashed

August 11, 2020 | by Technology and Developer Newsletter

Unleash Newsletter: Find Your Tech Bootcamp

Agile, Data Wrangling, and upcoming Live Bootcamps

The new Unleash Newsletter is for you, the active learner. Equip yourself with the Bootcamp that will help you grow. In this issue, discover why Agile is for everyone and how a recent Bootcamp had immediate benefits for a research scientist working on the cure for cancer.

Take a peek at the calendar of upcoming Bootcamps and get ready to explore learning in a new way. You might just find the perfect Bootcamp for you.

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Meet Skillsoft's Agile Expert - Barb Waters:

"Barb Waters is a very talented instructor. She is clear, concise, and I love her crisp voice. She can motivate you to learn just about anything." -Ann Seitz, Agile Project Management Bootcamp Attendee

Barb Waters is one of the instructors for August's Agile Project Management Bootcamp as well as the Intro to Scrum for the Team Bootcamp. Barb is a true believer in Agile as a useful set of tools and techniques every business or technical professional can put to good use. To be successful, the individual and the organization have to be ready to be agile.

Barb believes her Bootcamps are appropriate for anyone who does project work or even manages a to-do list where completing work depends on engaging others.

The Agile Project Management Bootcamp coursework starts with an introduction to the Agile Manifesto. Barb believes this foundation is essential to understand some of the core beliefs that make a person or an organization agile.

"I love the way Barbara explains things and walk us through each item. It is easier to learn when you have both visual and audio at the same time."

-Mansary Ravandi, Agile Project Management Bootcamp Attendee

Agile is both a mindset and a value system, and Barb strives to explain this too. Once adopted, Agile can deliver substantive results, such as more accurate estimates of work efforts and resource requirements.

Agile organizations do a better job of understanding customer (user) requirements. Current circumstances around the world have made project work in teams even more important. The Agile Bootcamp is appropriate for stakeholders too. Barb encourages anyone interested to take a close look at the syllabus. The time spent in this course may be applied to best practice certifications if desired.

"I've been in IT for over 20 years and have taken many training classes. This is one of the best classes I've taken. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of this Bootcamp. Barb Waters is very knowledgeable and a wonderful trainer. Considering that there are people from around the world attending this Bootcamp, it's great that we have a person like Barb, with a pleasing and gentle demeanor to represent us Americans."

-Agile Project Management Bootcamp Attendee

Move Beyond Excel with Data Wrangling

Learner Interview

Qi (Gail) Guo is a research scientist working on the cure for cancer. She frequently manipulates data in her work but doesn't think of herself as a data wrangler. Her perception changed after completing Skillsoft and Data Society's 'Data Wrangling with Python Bootcamp' in July. Without these Python programming skills, Gail was limited to doing repetitive data tasks with Excel spreadsheets. Now, she thinks of her data skills and capabilities differently.

Gail was familiar with online education before, but nothing like the live Bootcamp experience. She found prerecorded courses difficult to stick with and complete. They just weren't motivating. Not so with the 'Data Wrangling with Python Bootcamp.'

"I really liked this Bootcamp design," said Gail. "There are so many online learning portals, especially during these COVID times. However, the live sessions really made me feel much more engaged. Martin [Skarzynski] not only gave a crash course on Python coding, he also did a great job showing the importance for 'commoners' to learn some programming."

The live instruction and a well-organized course of study with plenty of opportunities to ask questions was a game-changer. The Bootcamp was a great way to reinforce her understanding of the material presented, real-time. The instructor's methods helped considerably with retaining what was taught too. Gail felt it was like going back to school.

The Bootcamp boosted her confidence with data exploration. She put her new skills to work right after the course to search Open Source libraries for working modules to insert into her Python routines. This is a huge time saver and benefit of learning new techniques.

Gail strongly recommends the Bootcamp approach for building skills from home, which so many learners are doing today. She suggests future students make sure they understand the prerequisites and make the time commitment to complete each session of a Bootcamp to get the most value from the experience. Now she sees herself as a data wrangler. Congratulations Gail!


August 24-27, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT

A Bootcamp designed for software developers to understand Agile without the jargon. Led by top-selling author Zigurd Mednieks, learn to maximize your leadership value by knowing how to manage the creation of software.

Upcoming Bootcamps Calendar

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August –

  • 8/3-8/5 - CompTIA Security+ Crash Course
  • 8/6 – Best Practice of Virtual Instructor-led Training (vILT)
  • 8/7 – Introduction to Scrum for the Team
  • 8/10-8/14 – Agile Project Management
  • 8/17-8/19 – Mobile Device Management using MS 365 and Endpoint Manager
  • 8/24-8/27 – Agile Software Development (FREE TO THE PUBLIC)
  • 8/31-9/3 – Full Stack Development with the MEAN Stack

September –

October –

  • 10/12-10/13 – AWS Cloud Practitioner (FREE TO THE PUBLIC)
  • 10/15 – Intro to Agile Principles and Mindset
  • 10/19- 10/22 – Full Stack Development with the MEAN Stack

November –

  • 11/9-11/11 – CompTIA Security+ Crash Course (FREE TO THE PUBLIC)
  • 11/12 – Intro to Scrum for the Team
  • 11/16-11/19 – Full Stack Development with React
  • 11/30-12/4 – Certifed Info Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

December –

  • 12/7-12/11 – PMP New Exam Prep (FREE TO THE PUBLIC)
  • 12/7-12/10 – Full Stack Developer


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