October Newsletter: Bootcamps Unleashed

October 5, 2020 | by Technology and Developer Newsletter

Unleash Your Edge with October Bootcamps

Utilize the Power of AWS, Combat Bias in Data, and Upcoming Live Bootcamps

Technology is rapidly growing, and so can you. Choose from upcoming intensive bootcamps for an immersive, live, instructor-led experience. Get the skills and competencies you need to become the go-to guru, in-house expert, or just land that next project.

Take a peek at the calendar of upcoming Bootcamps and find the session for you.

Your Cybersecurity & Cloud Expert

Michael Shannon

You might call Michael Shannon a pioneer when it comes to using online tools for training. For more than 16 years at Skillsoft, Michael has developed courses and delivered instruction remotely using the most sophisticated tools available at the time. He has taken advantage of innovation to teach students worldwide about strategy and planning, data and network security, and this month about Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading Cloud platform.

Michael believes it takes a lot of energy to be a successful online instructor. It also helps to love being a performer on stage. His passion for performance comes naturally as Michael is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, recording artist, and guitarist. Michael is as comfortable entertaining a live audience as instructing in a virtual classroom. His high-energy level keeps students engaged and attentive.

In October, Michael will teach a 2-day Bootcamp: AWS Cloud Practitioners, October 12-13th. This entry-level course assumes no prior knowledge of Cloud and helps a student prepare for their first AWS certification exam. The certification is a real resume booster and a stepping stone on the path for additional AWS certifications.

Michael uses multi-media for instruction including interactive tools, reference slides, and live demonstrations on AWS. Students can ask questions over chat and get answers during breaks or from other students. Michael especially enjoys teaching a diverse group of students from all over the world because they bring unique perspectives to the virtual classroom.

“Cloud is one of the top technologies of our time and students crave an accelerated path for learning the key concepts and achieving a meaningful certification,” said Michael. “I know they appreciate the certification test hints and tips I provided. “

No other major Cloud platform offers an entry-level certification like AWS. The Bootcamp is a crash course with hands-on experience, not to mention an instructor that can more than carry a tune.

Learner Spotlight

Bias in Data Attendees

The Bias in Data in AI Bootcamp (September 29-30) was by far the largest we ever had with more than 4,000 registrants. We received hundreds of comments from participants following the sessions. We usually spotlight a single learner to share a personal experience. Instead, we’ve decided to voice actual comments we received from many different participants.

“This was awesome. I found myself wishing my entire team was here to listen. My recap won't do this webinar justice.”

-Sabrina Martinez, Bias in Data Attendee

Many in the Bias in Data session mentioned that they wished their whole team could be there. The experience was often described as eye opening, even for non-technical people.

“This has been a great opportunity. The presenters are relatable and demystify data for us non-data scientists..”

-Katrina Williams

Many appreciated the personal touches. The material was concise, easy to follow and the personal examples made the topic real. The presenters helped attendees think of all the ways racial bias could influence how technology is developed and used. Dr. Benjamin really pointed a light at things we all needed to know.

For many, this was their first Bootcamp, and they loved the exposure to the format, citing that a lot of webinars or online instruction appear to be live but, really aren't. Most enjoyed reading the chat stream sharing all different points of view. Even if they strongly disagreed with someone’s opinion, the format gave them the opportunity to find their voice.

"This was such an incredible learning experience. I've seen bias all throughout my life, and have family/friends of color who have experienced it. This Bootcamp fuels my desire even more to be an advocate for unbiased data in all aspects of life and work."

-Jenny Lewis

Many found the material was useful and provided a step forward for their organizations. Attendees found the Bootcamp to be empowering and said it will foster future conversations. The main takeaway was that it is too easy to just believe in technology, we must ask ourselves who and what is the technology for? We hope this Bootcamp provided a new way to look at bias, so we can look at ourselves and make improvements.

"Dr. Benjamin's presentation was great!! Well presented information delivered in a concise and easy to follow timeline. So many ahah moments. Everyone should listen to this presentation. I think people think because its technology it must be honest and true, which is clearly not the case. Technology is based on the data inputted. Such a simple concept but missed so often. Dr. Benjamin mentioned a great question for us to ask "Who is the technology good for?" and I would also ask, who does technology exclude?"

-Brenna Myres

Upcoming Bootcamps Calendar

(Subject to Change)

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October –

  • 10/5-10/9- PMP New Exam Prep
  • 10/12-10/13 – AWS Cloud Practitioner (FREE TO THE PUBLIC)
  • 10/13-10/16 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • 10/15 – Intro to Agile Principles and Mindset
  • 10/19-10/22- NEW! Data Visualization and Storytelling
  • 10/19-10/22 - NEW! Python Fundamentals
  • 10/26-10/30 - NEW! AWS Certified Developer
  • 10/26-10/29 - NEW! Data Science for Managers

November –

  • 11/2-11/6 – Agile Project Management
  • 11/2-11/5 - NEW! Get Into Programming with Python
  • 11/9-11/12 - NEW! Data Visualization with Python
  • 11/9-11/11 – CompTIA Security+ Crash Course (FREE TO THE PUBLIC)
  • 11/13 – Intro to Scrum for the Team
  • 11/16-11/19 – Full Stack Development with React
  • 11/30-12/4 – Certifed Info Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

December –


Skillsoft may run upwards of 7 Bootcamps a month for our customers. Every month, we'll open at least one Bootcamp up for free to the public. To access all Bootcamps on the calendar, contact us to get your organization set up and ready to unleash your edge.


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