The Power of Collaboration When Designing Learning Experiences

About This Episode

The Changing Face of the CLO

Charged with helping learners, employees and organizations reach their potential; the role of the Chief Learning officer is invaluable. In today’s episode of The Edge, host Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek welcomes Elisa Vincent, Vice President of Global Talent Enablement at Skillsoft as co-host. They are joined by Dr. Karen Wolf, Chief Learning Officer of ManTech International and Emma Engel, Director for Global Learning, Engagement and Culture at Lenovo (previously Chief Learning and Inclusion Officer of Unisys) to discuss the continuously evolving role of the CLO during transformative times.

The views expressed by guests are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Skillsoft.

About Our Guest

Emma Engel

Emma Engel is Director for Global Learning, Engagement and Culture for Lenovo where she heads up leadership development for the Americas and Engagement/ Culture for all of Lenovo outside China. She was previously the Chief Learning & Inclusion Officer at Unisys where she led the Global Talent Growth team responsible for growth, performance, and development.

As a versatile, global talent executive, Emma increases enterprise value by partnering with executive leadership and clients to identify and resolve performance gaps. She effectively directs teams that design innovative and cost-effective solutions that accelerate business growth and improve the talent pipeline without disrupting business momentum.

Emma holds a post-graduate Certificate in Management from the Macquarie University Graduate School of Management in New South Wales, Australia. Her Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Clinical psychology is from Rand Afrikaans University, Johannesburg, South Africa.

About Our Guest

Dr. Karen Wolf

Dr. Karen Wolf serves as Chief Learning Officer of ManTech International, responsible for overseeing the planning, staffing, and budgets for the company’s training and talent management. An accomplished professional in developing e-Learning solutions in higher education, government and corporate educational settings, she also manages all ManTech’s education and training process and procurement, protocols, schedules, and learning methods. In addition, she has over 20 years of experience managing workforce training programs with the FBI. Consistently recognized by her peers for efficiency and innovation in L&D, Dr. Wolf is a six-time winner of the Chief Learning Officer LearningElite Award.

About Our Guest

Elisa Vincent

Elisa Vincent is the Vice President of Global Talent Enablement at Skillsoft, where she leads strategic initiatives that foster the individual and collective success of the organization. Her journey to human capital leadership was not a traditional one. She has built a latticed model to her own career path that has afforded her many opportunities to grow new leadership strengths and skills. She started her career in international education and study abroad where she designed, developed, and led international leadership development experiences for students and faculty - experiences that enabled research and study of gender equality and equity around the world. She was a founding member of the Bentley University Center for Women in Business leadership team, where she served as both consultant and leadership coach for organizational and emerging leaders in various industries. After moving into corporate human capital management, her goal has been to build transformative talent development and management infrastructures that enable cultures of inclusion, equity, and belonging. She has designed and implemented leadership models and learning content, curricula, and experiences with proven success and rapid adoption in diverse markets, and she has loved every moment.

About Our Host

Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek

As Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle leads a global marketing organization, focused on transforming today’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy. Since joining the company, she has been responsible for Skillsoft’s global marketing strategy, which includes generating awareness, driving preference, and building affinity for Skillsoft. Additionally – and perhaps most importantly – Michelle serves as the company's brand evangelist, helping to build a vibrant community of passionate learners.

With more than 25 years of marketing, branding, and strategy experience, Michelle has made it her personal mission to support the advancement of women in business. Prior to Skillsoft, she served as Chief Marketing Officer of IBM Watson, where she was instrumental in developing the first “Women Leaders in AI” program, which honors women who put AI to work across industries and around the globe. She also served as the global head of marketing for The Weather Company, an IBM Business, helping companies understand how to anticipate, plan for, and ultimately make better decisions – with greater confidence – in the face of weather.

Michelle is a prolific speaker on a range of topics, including the war for talent, digital transformation, and marketing in a post-pandemic world. She covers these topics and more as the host of Skillsoft's podcast, The Edge, now in its second season. She has authored countless papers covering a range of business and marketing topics, was at the center of Skillsoft’s leadership role in DEI through free “Leadercamps,” and has taught two Percipio courses on the Pink Pandemic and Public Speaking.

Michelle is also a founding member of CMO Huddles, a group dedicated to bringing together and empowering highly effective B2B CMOs to share, care, and dare each other to greatness. Michelle holds a Master’s degree from Simmons University and sits on the pro side of the Oxford comma debate.