Skillsoft and Workday Complete Cloud Connect for Learning Integration

Skillsoft Percipio integrates with Workday Learning to deliver a comprehensive learning experience and accelerate enterprise skill development

BOSTON – June 1, 2022Skillsoft (NYSE: SKIL), a global leader in corporate digital learning, today announced that it has achieved Workday (NASDAQ: WDAY) Cloud Connect for Learning Integration status, providing customers with a seamless integration that connects Workday Learning with Skillsoft Percipio.

Workday Learning engages employees in development through a personalized, contextual platform while arming businesses with the agility and insight needed to drive workforce readiness.

“We’re expanding our partnership with Skillsoft at a time when enterprises and their learners have an unprecedented need for accessing on-demand training and development resources,” said David Somers, Group General Manager, Office of the Chief Human Resource Officer, Workday. “Skillsoft has been an outstanding partner and the opportunity to strengthen our relationship while driving increased business value, learner engagement, and administrative efficiency for our customers was a natural next step.”

“As organizations like ours continue to prioritize investment in our teams and help them develop the skills for today’s economy, integration between our learning management system and content portfolio has never been more important,” said Gavin McQuillan, Head of Learning and Development, NatWest. “We are looking forward to exploring the integration between Skillsoft Percipio and Workday and learning more about the opportunities and benefits it can bring to our learners."

Designed to maximize the value and experience of enterprise learning, the integration enables Workday users to access Skillsoft Percipio’s learning assets from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Organizations will benefit from Skillsoft’s immersive content, rich features, and improved UX functionalities delivered directly within Workday Learning, including:

  • Expertly curated learning paths: Enable access – through Percipio – to Skillsoft’s Aspire Journeys and channels to purposefully guide learners through role- and competency-based paths designed to move them toward aspirational jobs.
  • Integrated multi-modal content: Extend display and track multi-modal learning assets including courses and microlearning videos, with additional content planned via future updates such as hands-on practice labs and audiobooks.
  • Enhanced content discovery: Improved support for detailed descriptions, better images, and expanded keywords make it easier to find Skillsoft content.
  • Automated maintenance: Enhanced automation capabilities ease the administrative burden of introducing new, updating existing, and retiring outdated content.
  • Advanced tracking: xAPI-compatible tracking methods capture content progress and completions and report them back to Workday Learning.

“The enhanced interoperability of Skillsoft and Workday offers the best of both worlds via the extensive breadth of Percipio learning assets and the comprehensive administration capabilities of Workday Learning,” said Apratim Purakayastha, CTO, Skillsoft. “This integration will extend the reach and effectiveness of learning within organizations using Workday, weaving skills development directly into learners’ natural flow of work. When access to learning is seamless, outcomes improve dramatically.”

Notably, this partnership underscores Skillsoft’s commitment to an open platform strategy and making learning directly accessible through widely used work tools, platforms, and collaboration apps. With its open architecture, Percipio integrates seamlessly with the world’s premier learning systems, while operating across devices and presenting an intuitive user experience to provide a frictionless learning journey.

More information on Skillsoft’s integration can be found on the Workday Marketplace, which provides easy access to solutions built by Workday and its software and content partners.

About Skillsoft

Skillsoft (NYSE: SKIL) is a global leader in corporate digital learning, focused on transforming today’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy. The Company provides enterprise learning solutions designed to prepare organizations for the future of work, overcome critical skill gaps, drive demonstrable behavior-change, and unlock the potential in their people. Skillsoft offers a comprehensive suite of premium, original, and authorized partner content, including one of the broadest and deepest libraries of leadership & business skills, technology & developer, and compliance curricula. With access to a broad spectrum of learning options (including video, audio, books, bootcamps, live events, and practice labs), organizations can meaningfully increase learner engagement and retention. Skillsoft’s offerings are delivered through Percipio, its award-winning, AI-driven, immersive learning platform purpose built to make learning easier, more accessible, and more effective. Learn more at

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