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Building Blocks of a Healthy Learning Program

Ever wondered what a healthy learning program would look like? What best practices organizations are doing to achieve success? With so much coming at us industry wide with the a moniker of “the best” it is often hard to sift through what the true best practices really are. It’s also hard to determine the industry’s out of the orbit hype versus the pragmatic reality of what is really being implemented on the ground.
To address that curiosity with insight and to help spread the word about what works, Skillsoft developed this summary of the industry’s best practices that can materialize no matter what the organization’s size, budget or resource capacity. Our experience with more than 6500 clients and 20M learners in 150+ countries gives us the unique ability to sort through the clutter and provide you with greater clarity.

In this one-hour webinar, you will learn the four key building blocks to learning program success and also review the benchmark statistics of Skillsoft clients with high utilization. Glean insight from Skillsoft’s Global Manager of Client Engagement, Ivonne Smith, who has worked with many of Skillsoft’s top organizations to help them build their top notch learning program’s. Don’t wait, sign up today!

During this webinar you will learn:
* The four key building blocks that lead to a successful learning program
* The benchmark statistics of Skillsoft clients with high utilization of their learning programs
* How to implement action steps to get our organization’s learning program where it needs to and should be