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Focus on More Than Just Millennials: Create an L&D Strategy to Serve the Modern Learner

There’s been a lot of hype about Millennials and the myriad ways these digital natives are changing the world. New research reveals that this generation’s values and learning preferences aren’t as different from those of other learners as many learning and development (L&D) pros were led to believe. Changes in technology have profoundly influenced the ways workers across generations learn and develop. To truly meet the needs of these modern learners, organizations must rethink their L&D strategies. Attend this webcast on designing learning programs that meet the needs of all your learners. We’ll discuss: * shocking myths and misconceptions about Millennials and their learning preferences * characteristics of the modern learner * six elements of the modern learning formula * how the industry award-winning Capgemini University team addresses the needs of digital learners * recommendations to action.