Retain, Grow, and Accelerate Your Best Talent for a Future Ready Workforce

Date: Thursday, May 19
12:00pm AEST/ 10:00am SGT/ 2:00pm NZST
Potoula Chresomales, SVP of Product Management

With events like ‘The Great Resignation’ and terms like ‘skills gap’ getting extensive media coverage these days, the pressure is on for business leaders to find ways to retain and grow their top talent.

Talent today expects to be inspired, motivated, and provided with a tailored journey for their growth. To offer all this, organizations and leaders require the right strategy, team, and tools.

Join SVP of Product Management, Potoula Chresomales, for this live Percipio roadmap update which will look at upcoming features that enable:

  • Expanding skills of your workforce
  • Learning ecosystem integration
  • Learner engagement & AI-driven personalization
  • Managing, promoting & measuring learning
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