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Agile Software Development Bootcamp On Demand

"On-Demand Recording"

A Bootcamp for developers, the course spans four sessions, each of which will have 2 hours of lecture, plus one hour of pre-recorded Q&A to answer your questions and consider questions about the lecture content.

Agile differs from pre-Agile approaches in some key areas. Once you know how and why Agile is different, you can then generalize these differences to figure out which management approaches and problem-solving frameworks work well for software, and which don't. To maximize your leadership value, you need to know how to manage the creation of software. Here you will find out how mastery of a risky, creative endeavor puts you at the heart of value creation.

Topics will include:

  • Milestones: making projects resilient
  • Kanban-like task tracking
  • Developer tools and the serendipity of Agile and developer workflow integration
  • APIs as an architecture blind spot
  • Little-used but potentially high-value Agile practices
  • How to know if a management approach is conducive to software creation


Session One

  1. Agile software development
  2. Project management
  3. People and communication

Session Two

  1. Asking the right questions
  2. Tools and workflow
  3. Agile and APIs

Session Three

  1. Agility in product management
  2. Iteration

Session Four

  1. Milestones
  2. Problem solving
  3. Topics for further study

Here’s what you’ll need to know before you attend:

This course is not a certification-oriented course. Although it has no prerequisites, it goes deep into why software is different, why pre-Agile project management approaches failed so often, and why Agile is different. You can use this course to prepare yourself with knowledge of underlying fundamentals before you get a certification, or you may not be interested in pursuing certification.

Very often, the people taking this course have already been exposed to certification oriented training, and are looking to go deeper into the background and reasons why Agile was formulated.

Agile is hugely popular. As a result, there is a risk of Agile being perceived as a management fad. This course enables you to determine where to use Agile appropriately, and how to communicate about Agile with your colleagues, without using Agile jargon.

Zigurd Mednieks

Zigurd Mednieks has decades of experience in telecommunications software and systems, mobile applications, and other cutting-edge software. He has created and used project management tools for large and small projects. He has built product development teams as a tech industry manager and consultant. Zigurd is the author of several books on programming, including O’Reilly’s top-selling Programming Android. More information about him is at

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