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The Modern Learner: How to Get the Most Out of Your Learning Assets in Today's Complex Workplace

Today’s learning environments are more complex than ever before. Companies succeed or fail based on the skills of their employees, but how can those skills be most effectively taught? To find out, Skillsoft conducted a major study in partnership with, based on survey data from over 700 HR and learning professionals.

In this webcast, we start by reporting our new findings on how deeply learning is embedded into today’s corporate cultures. Next, we drill down into the specifics of today’s learning environment.

You will also discover how learning is advanced in today’s highly diverse workforce. For example, we will discuss which learning resources and methods appeal to each generation at work, and which methods are most strongly linked to good learning outcomes.

Join Kristin Shackelford, Evangelizer of the Business and Leadership solutions portfolio at Skillsoft, as she discusses the results from the survey and strategies that can help you develop effective and compelling modern learning programs.