Cisco Firepower Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 21m
  • 21 questions
The Cisco Firepower Proficiency benchmark will measure your ability to recognize key terms and concepts related to Cisco Firepower concepts. You will be evaluated on prefilter policies, security intelligence, DNS policies, QoS, and packet capture. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the skills related to understanding key Cisco Firepower terminology and concepts.

Topics covered

  • identify features used to improve Cisco's security intelligence
  • identify steps to verify if security intelligence is the reason for dropped packets
  • identify the benefit of identity policies
  • identify the components added to a dashboard
  • identify the components a packet passes through on a Firepower device
  • identify the different types of policies on the Firepower device
  • identify the first policy used to inspect traffic
  • identify the location of QoS policies within the FMC
  • identify the policy type to block files at the firewall
  • identify the reason for using prefilter policies
  • identify the steps to create an access policy within the FMC
  • identify the steps to work with reports within the FMC
  • identify the target for the default route for the inside route table elements for an intrusion policy
  • identify the types of correlation policy settings
  • recognize how to configure NAT using the FMC
  • recognize options you can perform on un-decryptable traffic
  • recognize the command to capture traffic on the Firepower device
  • recognize the default network discovery rule within the FMC
  • recognize the purpose of the different roles within the FMC
  • recognize the tools used for remote access VPN
  • recognize the use of different AMP products