Cloud Architect Literacy (Beginner Level)

  • 11m
  • 11 questions
The Cloud Architect literacy benchmark measures whether a learner has had exposure to cloud technologies, practices, and principles and can participate at a literate level in meetings and discussions. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates an entry-level skill on modern cloud services, tools, jargon, and processes.

Topics covered

  • define the concept of DevOps and how DevOps practices can help eliminate the problems of traditional software development approaches
  • describe continuous delivery and the benefits of adopting it
  • describe continuous integration and the principles that can be applied to implement it
  • describe the advantages, disadvantages, and best practices of automation that should be applied for productive IT operations
  • describe the guiding principles and core practices of Kanban
  • list key elements of the DevOps mindset and describe the roles of design thinking, Lean, and Agile in enabling and facilitating DevOps in the enterprise
  • list the key principles of DevOps and the approach of automating DevOps process using integration technologies
  • recognize the combined benefits of DevOps and Agile in managing large scale enterprise projects
  • recognize the deficiencies associated with manual resource configuration and how to use Infrastructure as Code to eliminate those deficiencies
  • recognize the IT automation process and potential applications that can be automated
  • recognize the objectives of Agile and the core Agile principles based on the Agile Manifesto