Data Visualization Mastery (Expert Level)

  • 30m
  • 20 questions
The Data Visualization Mastery benchmark will measure your ability to recall, relate, demonstrate, and apply the data visualization concepts and techniques in Excel, Qlickview, and various Python visualization libraries. You will be evaluated on your ability to recognize and apply the concepts of data visualization techniques, tools, and functions in Excel, QlikView, Infogram, and Python. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the required data visualization skills to understand, apply, and work independently on the visualizations in their projects.

Topics covered

  • collaborate with a teammate on a Visme project by sharing it
  • combine a straight table with a pivot table and access currently selected data
  • configure a scatter plot with a search bar, slider, and animations
  • create a Bokeh chart and save it in PNG and HTML formats
  • create a Gantt chart to visualize schedules and timelines
  • create a pie chart visualizing the proportion of categories adding up to a whole and add it and a GIF to an infographic
  • create a treemap, also called a block chart, to visualize hierarchical data
  • create funnel charts to calculate the relative success rates of linear sequential process steps
  • create maps to visualize geographical data
  • define interactions in a dashboard involving a single selection which affects multiple line charts and a streamgraph
  • design a basic presentation from a template and explore how to configure a background image
  • explore the use of stacked bar charts
  • identify relationships between entities using a network chart
  • identify the use cases and configuration techniques for stacked bar charts
  • use a heatmap to represent relationships between variables
  • use funnel charts to visualize sequential data
  • visualize categorical data using box plots and strip plots
  • visualize changes in data over a period of time by plotting line and area charts
  • visualize data using a stacked bar chart
  • visualize the change in data over a period of time using an animated bar race