Digital Customer Experience (CX) for Non-tech Learners

  • 8m
  • 8 questions
The Digital Customer Experience (CX) for Non-tech Learners benchmark measures your ability to recognize key terms and concepts related to digital customer experience (CX). You will be evaluated on your knowledge of user persona elements, working with user personas to shape the customer experience, and transitioning from personalization to individualization. Learners who score high on this benchmark demonstrate that they have the skills related to digital customer experience (CX) terminology and concepts.

Topics covered

  • identify actions taken when working with user personas
  • identify critical actions for building experiences that resonant emotionally with the customer
  • identify the data used to build a user persona
  • identify the essential elements of user personas
  • identify the principles for moving customers across space, time, and platform with minimal friction using digital wayfinding  
  • recognize actions for moving from personalization to individualization to improve the customer experience 
  • recognize methods for meeting the needs and expectations of digital customers
  • recognize the customer insights to be gained from user personas