Graph Analytics with Neo4j Competency (Intermediate Level)

  • 20m
  • 20 questions
The Graph Analytics with Neo4j Competency benchmark will measure your ability to recall, recognize, and understand graph concepts, Neo4j graph databases, and Cypher Query Language for querying graph data. You will be evaluated on your ability to recognize concepts like performing graph analytics with Neo4j, graph visualizations, and graph modeling. A learner who scores high on this benchmark demonstrates that they have the required skills of Neo4j graph analytics to apply them in their projects.

Topics covered

  • access a hosted database on a remote server from your local Neo4j Desktop
  • analyze Cypher query results using a variety of different views
  • configure the appearance of nodes and relationships in a Neo4j Bloom scene
  • define relationships which have their own properties using the Cypher language
  • demonstrate searching for specific nodes in a database using the Bloom search bar
  • describe how data in a tabular structure containing many-to-one relationships can be modeled as a Neo4j graph
  • describe the different techniques used for representing entities and their interactions in a Neo4j graph database
  • describe the properties and features of the Neo4j graph database
  • list the steps involved in mapping data in a relational database to a Neo4j graph database
  • manage the properties of a Neo4j database management system (DBMS) including log files and their locations, plugins, and admin credentials
  • provision nodes with labels as well as properties using the CREATE clause in a Cypher query
  • recognize the use cases of the MERGE clause of a Cypher query
  • search for nodes in a Neo4j database based on a pattern of relationships between the nodes
  • sort the results of a query execution using the ORDER BY clause
  • use Cypher's aggregate functions to operate on string and numeric data in a Neo4j database
  • use the command line interface (CLI)-based push-to-cloud tool to migrate the contents of a local Neo4j instance to an Aura database
  • use the Cypher query language to look for 2nd degree and higher degree connections between two nodes in a Neo4j database
  • use the Cypher shell to create and manage databases in a DBMS
  • use the MATCH clause in a Cypher query to search for different types of patterns in relationships
  • use the shortestPath function of the Cypher query language to retrieve the shortest path between nodes