Mobile App Development with Flutter Proficiency (Advanced Level)

  • 30m
  • 30 questions
The Mobile App Development with Flutter Proficiency (Advanced Level) benchmark evaluates your knowledge of accessing data from HTTP endpoints, serializing and deserializing JSON data, making HTTP requests, local persistence methods, storing data using the file system and SharedPreferences, and locally persisting data using SQLite. You will be assessed on your skills in knowing when to choose ephemeral state vs. app state, integrating with the Firebase backend, storing data in Cloud Firestore, writing unit and widget tests for Flutter apps, using mocks in unit tests, and using the DevTools suite for debugging. Learners who score high on this benchmark demonstrate that they have the skills to work with the backend in Flutter.

Topics covered

  • add a search bar to an app
  • add a splash screen to an app
  • configure security for Firestore collections
  • connect to Firebase from Flutter
  • create a cart and orders page
  • create a Dart HTTP server
  • create and edit local files
  • create mock objects using Mockito
  • debug Flutter apps using the DevTools suite
  • delete and update data in the SQLite database
  • parse JSON data on separate threads using isolates
  • perform authentication using Firebase
  • read and write files in the application documents directory
  • read text data from files
  • recognize local and remote data persistence in Flutter
  • retrieve data from the SQLite database
  • run Flutter unit tests using the CLI
  • set up a favorites page
  • set up an app drawer
  • set up unit tests for single widgets
  • test an infinitely-scrolling container
  • test a widget animation
  • use a provider for storing the app state
  • use a StreamBuilder widget for real-time updates
  • use GET requests in a Flutter app
  • use PUT requests in a Flutter app
  • use SharedPreferences for autocomplete
  • use SharedPreferences in a real-world app
  • view the Fake Store API and find the http package for writing requests in Dart
  • view widgets in the Flutter Inspector