Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • 11m
  • 11 questions
Some decisions are more complicated or critical than others and require a disciplined process. Learn strategies for effective problem solving and decision making. With solid strategies in place, you can be decisive and make the most objective decisions possible. This benchmark evaluates your understanding of this topic. Being aware of potential knowledge gaps allows you to better understand your current competency and areas for improvement, so you can find suitable content and curate your own learning path. The courses recommended at the end of this benchmark can help you fill potential gaps in your knowledge.

Topics covered

  • Choosing and Using the Best Solution
  • Confronting Your Assumptions
  • Defining Alternative Solutions to a Problem
  • Embedding Data-driven Decisions into Organizational Culture
  • Framing Opportunities for Effective Data-driven Decision Making
  • Getting to the Root of a Problem
  • Guiding the Analysis for Effective Data-driven Decision Making
  • Investigating Arguments
  • Reaching Efficient Solutions with Computational Thinking
  • Reaching Sound Conclusions
  • Working with Data for Effective Decision Making