Time Management & Managing Priorities

  • 9m
  • 9 questions
Effectively setting and managing priorities is key to the success of any leader. Take back control over your time, and learn to apply basic concepts for setting goals, staying focused and organized. Learn more about time management and managing priorities. This benchmark evaluates your understanding of this topic. Being aware of potential knowledge gaps allows you to better understand your current competency and areas for improvement, so you can find suitable content and curate your own learning path. The courses recommended at the end of this benchmark can help you fill potential gaps in your knowledge.

Topics covered

  • Achieve Productivity in Your Personal Life
  • Aligning Goals and Priorities To Manage Time
  • Avoid Procrastination by Getting Organized Instead
  • Establishing Team Goals and Responsibilities, and Using Feedback Effectively
  • Make The Time You Need: Get Organized
  • Managing Your Time So It Doesn’t Manage You
  • Maximize Your Productivity by Managing Time and Tasks
  • Organize Your Physical and Digital Workspace
  • The Art of Staying Focused