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Book Highlights for February 2023

February 12, 2023 | by Amy Cantin, Manager, Content Development
“There are many little ways to enlarge your world. Love of books is the best of all.”
– Jacqueline Kennedy

Happy February!

Do you have a new skill you want to acquire this month? Or maybe dust off an existing one? We have plenty of newly-released content on a variety of skill-building topics to choose from.

Or perhaps you've been feeling pressed for time lately. Later in this blog, we have a bookshelf devoted to time management that can help you regain control of your time, become more productive, and stay focused.

From digital books, to audiobooks, to book summaries and audio summaries, Skillsoft’s books offering has something for everyone!

Here you'll find releases from last month, a roadmap for the next 3 months, information about our OFF THE SHELF virtual book club selections, publisher updates, and book-related news.


We are delighted to announce that we've licensed a new book from esteemed partner IT Revolution Press! Watch for its release in the coming weeks.

A Radical Enterprise: Pioneering the Future of High-Performing Organizations by Matt K. Parker

In this groundbreaking book, technology thought leader and organizational architect Matt K. Parker breaks down the counterintuitive principles and practices that radically collaborative organizations thrive on. By combining the latest insights from organizational science, sociology, and psychology, he illuminates four imperatives that all radically collaborative organizations must embrace in order to succeed: team autonomy, managerial devolution, deficiency gratification, and candid vulnerability.

In more somber news, Philip Kogan, the founder and publisher of Kogan Page, a premier UK business press, passed away at the end of December. Skillsoft has, for more that 20 years, proudly featured Kogan Page books and, more recently, summaries on the platform. To pay tribute to Philip, here is a sampling of some of Kogan Page's most popular titles in Percipio.

Check out some of the exciting new content we've added!

FUN FACT: 2876 book-type assets—that’s digital books, audiobooks, book summaries, and audio summaries—were released in Fiscal Year 2023!

Looking for our Skillsoft Publisher Partners List? This updated listing features an impressive array of publishers who license us their best-in-class content across Leadership and Business, Technology and Developer, Digital Transformation, SLDP, and Productivity and Collaboration Tools portfolios.

book club

Black History Month and National Time Management Month

"During National Black History Month, we celebrate the legacy of Black Americans whose power to lead, to overcome, and to expand the meaning and practice of American democracy has helped our Nation become a more fair and just society." Throughout February, OFF THE SHELF is featuring a bookshelf of assets that spotlight the success stories of Black American authors, leaders, and businesspeople, and the strategies that helped them thrive.

Do you feel like you’re always racing against the clock to finish a projector meet a deadline? Or feel like there’s never enough time in the day to accomplish everything on that ever-growing to-do list? All month long, OFF THE SHELF has resources to help you make the most of your time, prioritize important tasks, stay motivated, and feel more in control of your days.


Additionally, the OFF THE SHELF pick of the month for February is The New Art of Ideas: Unlock Your Creative Potential by Robin Landa | Berrett-Koehler, © 2022.

In a world with a surplus of ideas, what separates a good idea from a bad one? Learn how to cultivate a mindset that produces the kind of ideas people can't turn down. Most professionals cannot generate a solid idea. They either offer up tired or reused ones, or they generate lots of ideas but none that are worth pursuing. The New Art of Ideas is designed to help readers consistently produce worthwhile ideas by becoming nimble and imaginative thinkers better equipped to compete and produce in a global economy.

Be sure to visit OFF THE SHELF to leverage the accompanying discussion questions for your next book club event.

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Here you'll find a comprehensive list of the digital books, audiobooks, and book summaries released in January, and those on the 90-day road map.

Check back next month to see more news about Skillsoft's book offering!

Happy Learning!