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Leadership and Business Roadmap - February 2023

February 10, 2023 | by Amy Cantin - Manager, Content Development
"No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly where he has been and exactly how he arrived at his present place."
— Maya Angelou


In the news and social media, I’ve been reading a lot about “Top Trends for 2023”—leadership trends, technology trends, social trends, and even employee trends. One thing that seems to stand out as a key trend for this year is quiet hiring.

As Rashim Mogha, GM- leadership and business portfolio at Skillsoft mentions in this CNBC video, we’ll see more instances of quiet hiring in the year ahead—that is, leveraging your organization’s existing talent where it’s most needed. This is not a new concept. When done correctly, quiet hiring can be seen as a win-win for employers and employees alike. Employees are given the opportunity to advance or expand their skills (and careers!) by working on something new or different, while employers are able to fill skills gaps within the organization.

As you review this month’s new releases, I invite you to think how you will leverage these newly-released assets to create learning programs that help employees in your organization expand their skills and grow their careers.

What's New

Effective Communication

We continue to release more courses related to popular business skills each month. Check out these new releases related to effective communication:

  • Enhancing Communication through Listening
  • Harnessing the Power of the Written Word

We also continue to build new ASPIRE Journeys for Business Skills. We've created these journeys for the most in-demand and fastest-growing roles according to robust data collection from Burning Glass.

Supply Chain Manager Journey

Have you checked out our new ASPIRE Journey, Supply Chain Manager Journey?

The flow of goods and services and all relevant the associated processes are the focus of the Supply Chain Manager. They must not only manage costs and avoid supply shortages, but ensure products get to the consumer fast and efficiently. This journey will take you through some of the main areas important to any successful Supply Chain Manager.

Keep an eye out for these Business Skills courses releasing this month!

  • Building Up Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Engaging the Power of a Multigenerational Workforce
Monthly Middle Monday Mindful Meditation

Have you attended one of our Monthly Middle Monday Mindful Meditation (MMMMM) sessions yet?

These are 30-minute sessions with Zen meditation practitioner, Florian Brody, where he explains what mindful meditation is, why it's important, and how it can help increase your self-awareness and manage stress. Then Brody will lead attendees through a guided meditation, leaving a few minutes for a Q&A session afterward.

The next session is February 13th, so be sure to mark your calendar.


How to Improve Productivity at Work on February 16th from 12-1 PM EST

We have two exciting Leadercamps coming up this month!

First up on February 16th from 12-1 PM EST, we have How to Improve Productivity at Work with Personal Productivity Coach Panos Ntouskas.

Time management is the process of deciding how to organize your time and divide it between different activities, either personal or professional. The idea behind time management is to work smarter not harder. Benefits of good time management include professional efficiency, reduced stress and improved work life balance. In this Leadercamp, Panos puts his expertise into practice to share best practices and barriers of time management and help you make better use of your time.

The Kind Leader on Control on February 23rd from 12-1 PM EST

Next on February 23rd from 12-1 PM EST, don’t miss PCC ICF-accredited Coach and Trainer Martin Haworth’s Leadercamp, The Kind Leader on Control.

In this first of a series of four Leadercamps around kindness, Martin Haworth shares insights into the control we have in the work we do, and the lives we lead. Martin presents some simple kindness tools you can adopt right away to help your performance, well-being, and fulfilment in your everyday world.


Black History Month

Since 1976, Black History Month has been dedicated to celebrating Black Americans’ achievements and valuing their important role in American history. Throughout February, OFF THE SHELF is featuring a bookshelf of assets that spotlight the success stories of Black American authors, leaders, and businesspeople, and the strategies that helped them thrive.

National Time Management Month

February is also National Time Management Month. Do you feel like you’re always racing against the clock to finish a project or meet a deadline? Or feel like there’s never enough time in the day to accomplish everything on that ever-growing to-do list? All month long, OFF THE SHELF has resources to help you make the most of your time, prioritize important tasks, stay motivated, and feel more in control of your days.

February's Selection of the Month

In a world with a surplus of ideas, what separates a good idea from a bad one? Learn how to cultivate a mindset that produces the kind of ideas people can't turn down. Most professionals cannot generate a solid idea. They either offer up tired or reused ones, or they generate lots of ideas but none that are worth pursuing. The New Art of Ideas is designed to help readers consistently produce worthwhile ideas by becoming nimble and imaginative thinkers better equipped to compete and produce in a global economy.

From courses and Leadercamps to digital books and book club, there’s something for everyone.

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