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Book Highlights for March 2023

March 13, 2023 | by Amy Cantin, Manager - Content Development
"It is books that are the key to the wide world; if you can’t do anything else, read all that you can."
– Jane Hamilton, American Novelist

Happy March!

In addition to Women's History Month, March is National Reading Month which could be considered a high holiday for book lovers like us! What types of books do you like to read or listen to? (Yes, audiobooks count as reading.) Do you like to read success stories so you can emulate others' best practices and strategies to grow your career? Maybe you prefer books that help you develop or hone a skill, such as communicating more effectively, or upping your public speaking game. Or perhaps like so many of us right now, you're focused on learning more about mental health awareness and wellness.

No problem! From digital books, to audiobooks, to book summaries and audio summaries, Skillsoft’s books offering has something for everyone.

Here you'll find releases from last month, a roadmap for the next 3 months, information about our OFF THE SHELF virtual book club selections, publisher updates, and book-related news.


We are pleased to announce that we've licensed 3 new Kubernetes books from valued partner JJNP Consulting, authored by cloud computing world authority and self-proclaimed techoholic Nigel Poulton! Watch for their release in the coming weeks.

Check out some of the exciting new content we've added!

Looking for our Skillsoft Publisher Partners List? This updated listing features an impressive array of publishers who license us their best-in-class content across Leadership and Business, Technology and Developer, Digital Transformation, SLDP, and Productivity and Collaboration Tools portfolios.

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National Employee Appreciation Day * International Women's Day * Women's History Month * National Reading Month

Employees are a company’s greatest asset so it’s important to recognize the contributions they make to your business. All month long OFF THE SHELF is featuring a bookshelf of resources dedicated to recognizing the impactful ways employees support their organization’s goals and the importance of acknowledging their many contributions.

It’s critical to cultivate work cultures where women can grow their careers and thrive. As we come together to celebrate women this month, OFF THE SHELF celebrates the achievements and successes of women in leadership roles.

According to Harry S. Truman, “All Leaders are Readers.” Reading is an important habit to form. It teaches us, inspires us, and helps us build mental acuity. OFF THE SHELF celebrates National Reading Month with a bookshelf of leadership success stories intended to inspire existing or aspiring leaders to achieve their own success. Be sure to check out Fast-Track Your Leadership Career and the accompanying Guided Journal by Skillsoft's own Rashim Mogha, GM - Leadership & Business Portfolio.


In a time of increasing disconnection and uncertainty, Leading with Joy shows how leaders can reclaim their purpose and embrace joy in service of social transformation. Leadership that connects people and centers compassion and trust instead of competition and disconnection is needed more than ever before. There are plenty of manuals that show people how to manage organizations, but what is really needed in this moment is a book that shows us how to include kindness and inspiration within leadership. Leading with Joy promotes a courageous and compassionate approach to leadership that can sustain purposeful action and social change.

Leading with Joy is available on Percipio as a digital book and an audiobook.

Be sure to visit OFF THE SHELF to leverage the accompanying discussion questions for your next book club event.

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Check back next month to see more news about Skillsoft's book offering!

Happy Learning!