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Leadership and Business Content Releases – February 2024

March 10, 2024 | by Amy Cantin - Manager, Content Development

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss


Hey there, bookworms and aspiring readers! March is National Reading Month, and as your trusty Readable Solutions Ambassador, I'm here to encourage you to get going on some good reads.

I know what you're thinking, But hear me out, folks. Reading isn't just for the English majors and studious types. It's for everyone, and it's actually pretty cool!

Did you know that reading can actually make you smarter? It's true! Studies show that reading can improve memory, increase vocabulary, and boost critical thinking skills.

And let's not forget about the social aspect of reading. Joining a book club or participating in online reading challenges is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and discover new books. Plus, you get to feel a bit fancy and intellectual when you discuss the deeper meaning of the plot or analyze the author's use of symbolism.

If you're not sure where to start, fear not - I have curated some recommendations for you in our National Reading Month bookshelf selections for OFF THE SHELF.

So, there you have it - my pitch for National Reading Month. Whether you're a seasoned reader or just getting started, there's never been a better time to pick up a book and get lost in a new world. Who knows, you might even learn something. Happy reading!

As you explore our library of leadership and business courses, books, audiobooks, summaries, and book club selections, I encourage you to consider how you can leverage them in your learning solutions.

What's New


To help prepare leaders, teams, and individual contributors for the future of work, Skillsoft has developed a learning solution to promote enterprise readiness for Generative AI based around three principles:

  1. Developing a baseline understanding of Gen AI and establishing guardrails for thoughtful, safe, ethical use of the technology
  2. Solving business problems by leveraging the technology to reimagine the future of work
  3. Enabling transformation across the business and developing the human skills necessary to sustain progress

Watch for these Gen AI courses releasing soon!

  • Reimagining Marketing Operations with Gen AI-ENGLISH
  • Reimagining Marketing Operations with Gen AI - FRENCH
  • Reimagining Marketing Operations with Gen AI - GERMAN
  • Reimagining Marketing Operations with Gen AI - SPANISH

Monthly Monday Mindful Meditation

March 18th at 12PM EST

Have you had a chance to experience our Monthly Monday Mindful Meditation (MMMM) sessions? They’re a great way to break up your day, clear your mind, and return to work feeling refreshed and refocused.

Join us for a 30-minute session of mindfulness and meditation with Florian Brody, an expert Zen practitioner. Through this session, you'll learn about the significance of mindful meditation and its potential benefits for stress management and self-awareness. After the discussion, Brody will lead a guided meditation and conclude with a Q&A session to answer any queries you may have.

The next session is on March 18th at 12 PM EST, so make sure to mark your calendar and secure your spot for this enlightening experience.



We've curated an incredible lineup of captivating topics this month that are sure to leave you inspired. Get ready to be immersed in fascinating discussions that are both thought-provoking and relevant to your interests.

Get ready to elevate your leadership skills to new heights! If you missed these live Leadercamps, you can still watch the on-demand replays today on Percipio!



Disability Awareness Month emphasizes the need for accessible infrastructure, inclusive policies, and societal attitudes that enable people with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of life. This month, OFF THE SHELF is featuring a bookshelf of resources that recognize the countless contributions individuals with disabilities bring to our workplaces, our society, and our world.

Visit OFF THE SHELF today to leverage the discussion questions for either of these bookshelves.


National Reading Month is a time to celebrate and promote reading, literacy, and the love of books. The goal of National Reading Month is to encourage people of all ages to make reading a daily habit, and to raise awareness of the importance of literacy for personal and societal development. This month, OFF THE SHELF is featuring a bookshelf of popular business books, articles, audiobooks, book summaries, and audio summaries released to Percipio in 2023.

Visit OFF THE SHELF today to leverage the discussion questions for either of these bookshelves.

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