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Leadership and Business Content Releases – July 2024

July 10, 2024 | by Amy Cantin - Manager, Content Development

"Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future."

― Brian Tracy


In recent years, the phrase “lifelong learning” has become increasingly popular, and with good reason.  Lifelong learning is the key to unlocking personal and professional growth. With the ever-evolving technological landscape, it has become more critical than ever to continuously expand our skills and stay in tune with industry trends. Companies that put a premium on lifelong learning for their employees not only benefit the individual but also the organization as a whole.

The advantages of lifelong learning are multifaceted. It can help enhance job performance, increase job satisfaction, and pave the way for career advancement. By acquiring new skills and remaining current with industry trends, employees can become more efficient and effective in their roles, resulting in heightened productivity and better business outcomes.

But did you know that lifelong learning can also amplify overall job satisfaction?  When employees develop their skills, they are more likely to feel valued and engaged in their current roles. This can lead to reduced turnover and heightened employee loyalty.

From a business perspective, prioritizing lifelong learning can offer a competitive edge. Companies that invest in their employees' development are more likely to attract and retain top talent. They are also better equipped to adapt to changing industry trends and technological advancements, which can lead to increased innovation and growth.

So it’s true—lifelong learning really is the holy grail of personal and professional development. Companies that place a strong emphasis on learning and development for their employees can reap the benefits of heightened productivity, employee satisfaction, and innovation. 

Want to learn more about developing your skills to remain relevant and adaptable in today's competitive workforce? Be sure to check out this month's OFF THE SHELF book club’s Curiosity and Lifelong Learning bookshelf and Percipio's ever-growing library of courses and videos.

As you explore our library of leadership and business courses, books, audiobooks, summaries, and book club selections, I encourage you to consider how you can leverage them in your learning solutions.



Our commitment to providing valuable resources for business professionals never stops. Every month, we're thrilled to unveil fresh courses that focus on popular business skills.

You don't want to miss this new Leadership Micro-learning course that was just released on Percipio:

  • Building Stronger Teams Through Adversity

Or these new releases within our Skillsoft Leadership Development collection, powered by MIT Sloan Management Review:

  • Manage AI Bias Instead of Trying to Eliminate It, powered by MIT SMR
  • The Consequences of Unacknowledged Grief in the Workplace, powered by MIT SMR
  • How Shifts in Remote Behavior Affect Employee Well-Being, powered by MIT SMR


We also just released these On-Demand Leadercamps!

  • Leadercamp on-demand: The Kind Leader Series - Commitment  featuring Martin Haworth
  • Leadercamp on-demand: Ramp Up Your Resilience featuring Sharon Wilkes
  • Leadercamp on-demand: Unforgettable Storytelling featuring Nick Morgan
  • Leadercamp on-demand: Coach and Grow Your Team featuring Michelle Tillis Lederman
  • Leadercamp on-demand: How Gen AI is Disrupting L&D and CAISY Demo featuring Potoula Chresomales and Meg Herbert
  • Leadercamp on-demand: Launching the Project featuring Merri Lemmex
  • Leadercamp on-demand: Midweek Meditation Moments - Breathwork Meditation featuring Christine Rabaja


And be sure to check out these new Digital Transformation  courses:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Transformation
  • Key Concepts: Digital Business Model Innovation

These new Business Tech courses:

  • PMI-ACP®: Introduction to Agile
  • PMI-ACP®: The Principles of Agile

These new Leadership  and Business courses in French:

  • Coping in a Toxic Workplace
  • Setting Professional Boundaries
  • Preparing a Great Virtual Presentation
  • Building and Delivering a Great Virtual Presentation
  • Writing with a Professional Mindset
  • Influencing without Authority
  • Transforming Talent Management
  • Developing Talent through Succession Planning
  • Organizational Success through Transformational HR
  • Amplifying Your Executive Presence as a Leader
  • Modeling Ethical Leadership
  • Unleashing Potential through People Development 
  • Leading for Results
  • Harnessing the Power of Positive Conflict
  • Improving Collaboration through Psychological Safety 

In German:

  • Setting Professional Boundaries
  • Preparing a Great Virtual Presentation
  • Writing with a Professional Mindset
  • Influencing without Authority
  • Transforming Talent Management
  • Organizational Success through Transformational HR
  • Setting Strategic Goals for HR 
  • Amplifying Your Executive Presence as a Leader
  • Modeling Ethical Leadership
  • Unleashing Potential through People Development 
  • Leading for Results
  • Harnessing the Power of Positive Conflict
  • Unlocking the Power of Upward Delegation
  • Improving Collaboration through Psychological Safety 
  • Navigating Micro-behavior Dynamics in the Workplace

In Polish:

  • Remaining Tactful and Diplomatic under Pressure
  • Building Trust with Business Ethics

And in Spanish:

  • Embracing Feedback
  • Understanding Implicit Biases

Introducing Midweek Meditation Moments

JULY 9 at 9AM EST | JULY 9 at 12PM EST 

Join us for an enlightening meditation series designed to help you unlock the extensive benefits that meditation offers. In today's fast-paced world, meditation has emerged as one of the most effective methods for combating stress and anxiety—without any side effects and at little to no cost.

In July’s Midweek Meditation Moments—Present Moment Awareness, our instructor, Christine Rabaja will explore using the breath to slow down the mind and calm the body, bringing temporary stress relief.  

Allow Christine and Skillsoft to guide you through this transformative experience. Together, we will explore techniques that make meditation accessible and enjoyable, paving the way for a more serene and balanced life. 

Make sure to mark your calendar and secure your spot for this enlightening experience or look for the on-demand replay on Percipio.



We've curated an incredible lineup of captivating topics this month that are sure to leave you inspired. Get ready to be immersed in fascinating discussions that are both thought-provoking and relevant to your interests.

Get ready to elevate your leadership skills to new heights! If you can't make these live Leadercamps, you can still watch the on-demand replays today on Percipio!


Curiosity and Lifelong Learning MONTH

In today's fast-paced business environment, curiosity and lifelong learning are crucial for staying ahead of the competition. This month,  OFF THE SHELFis featuring a bookshelf to encourage lifelong learning and skill development to improve your job performance, boost your career prospects, and increase your overall job satisfaction.






Visit OFF THE SHELF today to leverage the discussion questions for any of these selections.



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