In times of crisis, knowledge is more than power; it’s the backbone that fortifies a business. And your role as CLO is more important than ever. Because change is now a constant. And you need to cultivate a culture of continuous learning, in which your workforce's skillsets evolve to meet ever-shifting industry challenges.

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Much like the skills your workforce must develop, learning and development leaders are compelled to evolve at a non-stop clip. As a CLO, you’re well aware of this. Reshaping the vital role of L&D at your organization has been your life, since the COVID-19 crisis upended how your learners work.

Throughout the pandemic, we at Skillsoft have been listening closely as L&D leaders such as yourself have shared their stories. You’re grappling with complex questions, such as:

  • How do you engage learners who are starved for time amid a work/life imbalance?
  • How do you create a pipeline of empathy-driven leaders who can inspire virtually?
  • How can you create an inclusive culture through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training?

Now, we’d like to show you what we’ve learned by listening.

Skillsoft partnered with two innovative CLOs from our customers’ organizations – and Josh Bersin, a foremost thought leader in the enterprise learning space – to create a report titled “The New CLO.”

In the report, you’ll explore the evolving world of today’s L&D leader, while reading ideas on how you can build and sustain a learning culture that enables your workforce to unleash its edge.

Read the Skillsoft 360 report, “The New CLO,” today and gain insights on how to seize your moment.



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