A Sense of Urgency

  • 4h 54m 26s
  • John P. Kotter
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2008

John Kotter reveals a distinctive view of the kind of urgency needed in every organization. He also highlights the insidious nature of its nemesis, complacency, in all its guises. He explains the crucial difference between constructive true urgency, and the frantic wheelspinning that is so often mistaken for urgency. He provides key tactics for increasing urgency, as well as exposing and rooting out complacency.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: It All Starts With A Sense Of Urgency
  • Chapter 2: Complacency And Urgency
  • Chapter 3: Increasing True Urgency—One Strategy and Four Tactics
  • Chapter 4: Tactic One—Bring The Outside In
  • Chapter 5: Tactic Two Behave With Urgency
  • Chapter 6: Tactic Three—Find Opportunity In Crises
  • Chapter 7: Tactic Four—Deal With NoNos
  • Chapter 8: Keeping Urgency Up
  • Chapter 9: The Future—Begin Today