Communicate Better with Everyone: HBR Working Parents Series

  • 2h 41m 23s
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

Talk to your toddler, your teen, your caregiver, your boss, your partner, yourself

There are days in every working parent's life when it feels like you're screaming into the wind. The days when you have to ask your childless boss if you can leave work early - again - for a kid issue. The days your kid tearfully asks why you have to get on an airplane for work when you just got home. The days you simmer with resentment because you can't find the right words to have a productive conversation with your partner about the division of labor at home. The days you tell yourself you're failing everyone-including yourself.

Each of us has days where we struggle to communicate effectively at home and at work. But we can have fewer days like that and more productive conversations. We can listen and be heard. In Communicate Better with Everyone, experts provide answers to the challenges you face as a working parent, from negotiating your schedule and workload with your boss to connecting with your teen without nagging or lecturing to talking to yourself with more compassion. You'll learn to: conduct more productive conversations; set boundaries and stick to them; ask better questions; see issues from the other person's perspective; and navigate difficult issues.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Four Conversations Every Overwhelmed Working Parent Should Have by Joseph Grenny and Brittney Maxfield
  • 2. Set Boundaries, Foil Boundary Predators, and Say No by Priscilla Claman
  • 3. What Great Listeners Actually Do by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman
  • 4. How to Listen When Your Communication Styles Don't Match by Mark Goulston
  • 5. Be Someone others Can Confide in by Deborah Grayson Riegel
  • 6. How to Make Sure You're Heard in a Difficult Conversation by Amy Gallo
  • 7. Eight Ways to Get a Difficult Conversation Back on Track by Monique Valcour
  • 8. When to Skip a Difficult Conversation by Deborah Grayson Riegel
  • 9. Communicating Through a Personal Crisis by Sabina Nawaz
  • 10. When You Need to Take Time off Work for Mental Health Reasons by Barbara Ricci
  • 11. Asking for an Extended Leave for a Family Issue by Denise M. Rousseau
  • 12. How to Negotiate with Your Kids by Mary C. Kern and Terri R. Kurtzberg
  • 13. Help Your Partner Cope with Work Stress by Rebecca Knight
  • 14. What You Should Tell Your Kids about Finding a Career by James M. Citrin
  • 15. How to Talk to Yourself with Compassion by Alice Boyes
  • 16. Make Peace with Your Inner Critic: An Interview with Tara Mohr by Sarah Green Carmichael
  • 17. Being a Parent Made Me a Better Manager, and Vice Versa by Jelena Zikic


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