Culture Crossing: Discover the Key to Making Successful Connections in the New Global Era

  • 5h 10m 25s
  • Michael Landers
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2017

People, money, and information are flowing faster than ever across international borders, putting us all just one step away from a culture crash—that moment when you unintentionally confuse, frustrate, or offend someone from another culture. Are you struggling with trying to learn the customs, nuances, and hot buttons of every culture you might come into contact with? Michael Landers guides you toward a better solution: becoming aware of your own cultural “baggage.” You'll learn to sidestep the knee-jerk reactions that can get you into trouble and develop the agility to adjust your behaviors and expectations as needed. Through a mix of entertaining and instructive stories, valuable insights, and eye-opening self-assessments, Culture Crossing offers an essential primer for improving all your interactions with people from any background.

In this Audiobook

  • INTRODUCTION Culture Crashing
  • ONE Cultural Awakenings: How culture shapes our thoughts and behaviors
  • TWO Me or We? Recognize the differences between group and individual orientation, and why it matters
  • THREE Say What? Explore the nuances of verbal and written expression
  • FOUR What's Not Being Said: Discover the hidden meanings of nonverbal communication
  • FIVE Now or Later: How perceptions of time can warp across cultures
  • SIX Respect, Rank, and Ritual: The implications of formality at work and in everyday life
  • SEVEN Core Values: Taking your cultural awareness to the next level


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