Dealing with Difficult Customers: How to Turn Demanding, Dissatisfied, and Disagreeable Clients Into Your Best Customers

  • 4h 50m 41s
  • Noah Fleming, Shawn Veltman
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2018

Whether you're in the trenches or the boardroom, you're going to encounter demanding, dissatisfied, and disagreeable customers. Are your people (and you) prepared to deal with them?

Ignore a valid complaint and you could be the next viral sensation for all the wrong reasons. But give in to every demand and you may be consumed with the often petty complaints of your worst customers and wind up pandering to them with freebies, discounts, and special attention. That will cost you time and money, and perhaps worse, do little or nothing to solve the root problem.

What if the customer's dissatisfaction was the result of your sales procedures, your lack of training, or the expectations gap created by your marketing people, not the customer's fault at all? What if you could turn those customers into your best customers by making a few simple changes?

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Defining the Difficult Customer
  • Chapter 2: Managing Expectations: What They Want vs. What You Deliver
  • Chapter 3: Buying vs. Selling: Creating Greater Alignment
  • Chapter 4: Understanding Problem Children and Hungry Hippos
  • Chapter 5: The Three Disciplines of Excellent Customer Service Organizations
  • Chapter 6: Internal Benchmarking
  • Chapter 7: Role-Play Exercises: Dealing With the Most Difficult Customers
  • Chapter 8: How to Be Your Own Worst Customer
  • Chapter 9: The Customer Success Toolkit