Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • 1h 51m 38s
  • John Adair
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2019

In Decision Making and Problem Solving, leadership guru John Adair provides the techniques and insights you need to find solutions, spark creativity and confidently make the right decisions.

Being able to take innovative and creative approaches to new challenges is crucial for leadership success. Decision Making and Problem Solving will help you to learn key techniques and models to confidently make the best decisions and solve the hardest problems. Using checklists, exercises, case studies and tried-and-tested methods, Adair provides a clear framework that can generate ideas and inspire confidence in your team - so you can spot the solution in every problem, and create ideas to rival even the best strategists.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Your Mind at Work
  • 2. The Art of Effective Decision Making
  • 3. Sharing Decisions with Others
  • 4. Key Problem-Solving Strategies
  • 5. How to Generate Ideas
  • 6. Thinking Outside the Box
  • 7. Developing Your Thinking Skills


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