HBR Guide to Unlocking Creativity

  • 4h 56m 18s
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

Without creativity, innovation is impossible.

Creativity is the key driver of innovation, but too many teams and projects are organized in ways that stifle new ideas. It's your job as a manager to create the right conditions for creativity to thrive—and to be part of the process yourself.

Fortunately, anyone can use a method-driven approach to teach and learn to be more creative. The HBR Guide to Unlocking Creativity will show you how to design a work environment that allows you and your team to change how you think, reach your creative potential, and achieve groundbreaking results.

This guide will help you: get out of a creativity rut; overcome the fear that blocks creativity; balance creativity with productivity; model a creative mindset for your team; encourage curiosity and experimentation; avoid breakdowns in creative collaboration; and bring breakthrough ideas to life.

Arm yourself with the advice you need to succeed on the job, with the most trusted brand in business. Packed with how-to essentials from leading experts, the HBR Guides provide smart answers to your most pressing work challenges.

About the Author

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In this Audiobook

  • Introduction Creativity: Not Just for Creatives
  • Chapter 1 - Reclaim Your Creative Confidence By Tom Kelley and David Kelley
  • Chapter 2 - Train Your Brain to Be More Creative By Bas Korsten
  • Chapter 3 - How to Spark Creativity When You’re in a Rut By Priscilla Claman
  • Chapter 4 - Schedule Your Breaks to Keep Creativity Flowing By Jackson G. Lu, Modupe Akinola, and Malia Mason
  • Chapter 5 - Get Your Brain Unstuck By Ron Friedman
  • Chapter 6 - Four Ways to Spark Creativity When You’re Feeling Stressed By Susan Peppercorn and Maren Gube
  • Chapter 7 - You Know How to Focus—Learn How to Unfocus By Srini Pillay
  • Chapter 8 - Look Outside Your Industry for More-Creative Solutions By Bill Taylor
  • Chapter 9 - Better Brainstorming By Hal Gregersen
  • Chapter 10 - The Problem-Solving Process That Prevents Groupthink By Art Markman
  • Chapter 11 - A Smarter Way to Wrap Up Your Brainstorm By Angus Fletcher
  • Chapter 12 - Find Innovation Where You Least Expect It By Tony Mccaffrey and Jim Pearson
  • Chapter 13 - Need Fresh Ideas? Call a Virtual Meeting By Bob Frisch and Cary Greene
  • Chapter 14 - Set the Conditions for Team Creativity By Greg Satell
  • Chapter 15 - Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter By David Rock and Heidi Grant
  • Chapter 16 - The Most Creative Teams Have a Specific Kind of Cultural Diversity By Sujin Jang
  • Chapter 17 - How to Cultivate Psychological Safety on Your Team By Laura Delizonna
  • Chapter 18 - How to Give and Receive Feedback About Creative Work By Spencer Harrison
  • Chapter 19 - Why Design Thinking Works By Jeanne Liedtka
  • Chapter 20 - Your Best Ideas Are Often Your Last Ideas By Loran Nordgren and Brian Lucas
  • Chapter 21 - The Business Case for Curiosity By Francesca Gino
  • Chapter 22 - How Leaders Can Unlock Their Teams’ Creativity By Rebecca Shambaugh
  • Chapter 23 - Build a Culture of Originality By Adam Grant