Inside Marketing: Practices, Ideologies, Devices

  • 16h 2m 10s
  • Detlev Zwick, Julien Cayla
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

The intensification of marketing activities in recent years has led the public to become much more aware of its role as consumers. Yet, the increased visibility of marketing materials and associated messages in everyday life is in contrast with the often little-understood inner workings of the marketing profession itself, despite the widespread recognition of marketers as key agents in shaping the face of global capitalism.

Inside Marketing offers a theoretically informed critical perspective on contemporary marketing practice and its growing cultural, economic, and political influence worldwide. This book brings together leading scholars and practitioners from the fields of business, history, economic sociology, and cultural anthropology, to analyze the inner workings and outer effects of marketing as a material social practice, an ideology, and a technique. Their work raises some important and timely questions. How has marketing transformed the pharmaceutical industry and what are the consequences for our lives? How does marketing influence the way we think of progress and modernity? How has marketing changed the way we think of childhood? And how does marketing appropriate the creativity of consumers for profit?

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Marketing as a Monstrosity: The Impossible Place between Culture and Economy
  • 2. The Uses of Use value: Marketing, Value Creation, and the Exigencies of Consumption Work
  • 3. “Market-things Inside”: Insights from Progressive Grocer (United States, 1929–1959)
  • 4. Convoking the Consumer in Person: The Focus Group Effect
  • 5. Marketing as Surveillance: Assembling Consumers as Brands
  • 6. Consumer Segmentation in Practice: An Ethnographic Account of Slippage
  • 7. The Making of the Sensuous Consumer
  • 8. Black Models and the Invention of the US “Negro Market,” 1945–1960
  • 9. Customer Co-production from Social Factory to Brand: Learning from Italian Fashion
  • 10. Flipping the Neighborhood: Biopolitical Marketing as Value Creation for Condos and Lofts
  • 11. Commercial Epistemologies of Childhood: “Fun” and the Leveraging of Children's Subjectivities and Desires
  • 12. Broadening the Marketing Concept: Service to Humanity, or Privatization of the Public Good?
  • 13. Neoliberal Experiments: Social Marketing and the Governance of Populations
  • 14. Mapping the Future of Consumers