Make It Clear: Speak and Write to Persuade and Inform

  • 7h 41m 39s
  • Patrick Henry Winston
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Do you give presentations at meetings? Do you ever have to explain a complicated subject to audiences unfamiliar with your field? Do you make pitches for ideas or products? Do you want to interest a lecture hall of restless students in subjects that you find fascinating? Then you need this book. Make It Clear explains how to communicate - how to speak and write to get your ideas across. Written by an MIT professor who taught his students these techniques for more than 40 years, the book starts with the basics - finding your voice, organizing your ideas, making sure what you say is remembered, and receiving critiques ("do not ask for brutal honesty") - and goes on to cover such specifics as preparing slides, writing and rewriting, and even choosing a type family.

The audiobook explains why you should start with an empowerment promise and conclude by noting you delivered on that promise. It describes how a well-crafted, explicitly identified slogan, symbol, salient idea, surprise, and story combine to make you and your work memorable. The book lays out the VSN-C (Vision, Steps, News-Contributions) framework as an organizing structure and then describes how to create organize your ideas with a "broken-glass" outline, how to write to be understood, how to inspire, how to defeat writer's block - and much more.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Essentials of Persuasion
  • 2. Essentials for Being Remembered
  • 3. Essentials of Instruction
  • 4. Essentials of Outlining
  • 5. Essentials of Critiquing
  • 6. Essentials of Ethical Behavior
  • 7. How to Choose Time and Place
  • 8. How to Prepare the Ground
  • 9. How to Start
  • 10. How to Stop
  • 11. How to Compose Slides
  • 12. How to Use Props
  • 13. Adopt Good Habits
  • 14. How to Prepare to Instruct
  • 15. How to Deliver a Lecture
  • 16. How to Inspire
  • 17. How to Write to Be Understood
  • 18. How to Organize Your Writing
  • 19. What to Put at the Beginning
  • 20. What to Put at the End
  • 21. How to Write an Abstract
  • 22. How to Learn by Imitation
  • 23. How to Avoid Style Blunders
  • 24. How to Defeat Writer's Block
  • 25. How to Make Design Choices
  • 26. How to Arrange Graphics
  • 27. How to Select Type Families
  • 28. How to Work with Graphs
  • 29. How to Work with Images
  • 30. How to Prepare a Poster
  • 31. How to Give an Elevator Pitch
  • 32. How to Be Interviewed
  • 33. How to Write a Press Release
  • 34. How to Write a Review
  • 35. How to Write a Recommendation Letter
  • 36. How to Run a Briefing Conference
  • 37. How to Run a Panel Discussion
  • 38. How to Write a Blog


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