The Performance Curve: Maximize Your Potential at Work while Strengthening Your Wellbeing Audio

  • 10h 54m 10s
  • Laura Watkins, Vanessa Dietzel
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

Many of us are striving to reach our full potential at work and beyond—to achieve our goals, rise to challenges, and connect well with others. But how can we actively develop our performance while also taking care of our well-being and life satisfaction? The Performance Curve is a bold new holistic guide that effectively tackles this challenge, providing practical insights into how you can develop and sustain a productive and fulfilling life.

Crucially, this book explores not only how you can improve individual performance, but also how to build relationships and environments that bring out the best in others. By interweaving the individual and the collective, this unique approach produces the most effective and sustainable results across the board.

The Performance Curve is a powerful combination of neuroscience, psychological research, and practical guidance. These concepts are then brought to life through the stories of remarkable individuals from different sectors, including business, the arts, academia, and nonprofits. Laura Watkins and Vanessa Dietzel draw upon their vast experience and research as consultants and leadership coaches to deliver a groundbreaking guide to enhancing your performance in your life and career.

About the Author

Laura Watkins is a neuroscientist and leadership and organization specialist. She has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from Cambridge University and an MA in Physiology and Psychology from Oxford University. She began her career at McKinsey & Co, where she co-founded the leadership practice in Europe. She has founded The Cognitas Group, a leadership and organizational consultancy, and Jumpstart Development, which provides virtual leadership development.

Vanessa Dietzel brings unique insight from her blend of corporate experience, coaching, and teaching breathwork and yoga. She started her career with Boston Consulting Group and, for the past twenty years, has been working with leaders all over the world on their individual and organizational performance and well-being. She has a BSc in International Relations from LSE and has trained in a range of personal and group development techniques.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: Redefining performance: The virtuous circle of effectiveness and well-being
  • Chapter 1 - Which curve are you on?
  • Chapter 2 - Working with your inner operating system: mindsets, emotions and habits
  • Chapter 3 - Taking charge of the hidden drivers of your brain
  • Chapter 4 - The secret of vertical development
  • Chapter 5 - Mastering the three performance curve mindsets
  • Chapter 6 - Sustaining the continuous development of your operating system
  • Chapter 7 - Performance curve habits: small things, big difference
  • Chapter 8 - Get purpose-fu(e)l
  • Chapter 9 - Harnessing the power of paradox
  • Chapter 10 - Going far and fast, together
  • Chapter 11 - Developmental relationships in action
  • Chapter 12 - Building performance curve cultures
  • Chapter 13 - Close: using the three catalysts in your daily life