The Public Relations Handbook

  • 10h 22m 36s
  • Robert L. Dilenschneider
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

It is no longer enough for public relations professionals to be great at writing press releases or terrific at establishing media contacts. Today and in the future, all professionals must understand how their skills dovetail with those of other professionals.

The Public Relations Handbook contains valuable guidance for navigating the 2020s and beyond, answering for public relations professionals questions such as: How can they best work with a market research department or firm? How can they contribute to the sales department's efforts to open up new channels of distribution? How can they maximize the impact of the ad agency's new campaign? How can they advise the HR operation on the best ways to assure a diverse workforce, thereby avoiding the nightmare of an attack in that regard? And how will they work with top management in the event of a sex abuse scandal?

The Public Relations Handbook has always been at the forefront of the practice of public relations. The first edition was published in 1967, with updates following in 1979, 1987, and 2010. This new fifth edition examines and prescribes how to make public relations indispensable in an era facing new challenges in global public health as well as the convergence of new financial, economic, political, and societal issues.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: Why Public Relations Matters
  • Chapter 1 - Engaging the Community: Public Relations Is All About People
  • Chapter 2 - Gathering Information and Intelligence: How to Harness Intelligence for Your PR Advantage
  • Chapter 3 - Preparing Your Argument: The Medium Is Always the Message
  • Chapter 4 - Words That Work: The Role of Language and Polling in Public Relations and Policy
  • Chapter 5 - Preparing the Communications Program: A New Way to Approach a Vital Task
  • Chapter 6 - Government Relations: Setting a Public Policy Agenda
  • Chapter 7 - The “New” Investor Relations: Transformational Changes in a High-Profile Discipline
  • Chapter 8 - Working with the Media: They Are Not the Enemy, but Care Is Required
  • Chapter 9 - Social Media: Evolving Best Practices for PR Practitioners
  • Chapter 10 - Internal Communications: Enduring Themes Focusing on Company Priorities
  • Chapter 11 - Crisis Communications: Not If, but When
  • Chapter 12 - Communications for Private Families: The Fundamentals of Public Relations Apply Here, Too
  • Chapter 13 - Going Forward with China: A Guide to Success
  • Chapter 14 - Cracking the Code of Japan: Ancient and Modern Island Nation
  • Chapter 15 - Communicating in Canada: Welcome to Canada—Bienvenue au Canada
  • Chapter 16 - Public Relations in Higher Education
  • Chapter 17 - Communicating in Europe