Working With Mindfulness

  • 58m 55s
  • Mirabai Bush
  • More than Sound
  • 2014

Mindfulness trainings for the workplace - based on traditional Buddhist practices - to help reduce stress, increase productivity, and encourage creative problem solving. Developed and narrated by Mirabai Bush - key contributor to Google's Search Inside Yourself curriculum, mindfulness meditation teacher, and organizational management expert.

In this Audiobook

  • The Basic Practice is Mindfulness
  • Now Bringing Your Attention to Your Breath
  • This is the Practice of Beginning Again
  • In a Last Moments
  • Sit Stable and Still
  • Let the Sounds Come to You
  • Feeling Your Body from within the Body
  • Again Find Your Place
  • This Person Has Been Sad in Life
  • This Person Wishes to Be Happy Just like Me
  • May I Be Peaceful
  • Noticing How it Feels