Learning Starts With Listening.

July 19, 2021 | Diversity & Inclusion | 3 min read

At Skillsoft, we’ve been in the business of helping people reach their potential through learning for quite a while. In fact, we’re helping more than 45 million learners pursue their goals and earn 14 million badges, truly unleashing their edge.

But, there’s something amazing about learning. It’s always a two-way street.

When we
listen to our customers, many of whom are Learning Leaders at large, multinational organizations — we learn as much as they do. So, about a year ago, we decided to build upon all our valuable customer conversations through a podcast series, The Edge.

What began as a small endeavor to shed light on critical and timely issues at the onset of the pandemic, has turned into a meaningful vehicle for telling candid, thought-provoking stories about the impact of the global health crisis, worldwide economic uncertainty, and the call for social justice. Now, 27 episodes later, we’re launching our second season.

As we start to put the pandemic behind us, we’re talking about the future of work, skills transformation, and the customer experience.

Want to listen but don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of some of our best customer-focused episodes:

1. Women in Exodus, Part 3: Dr. Tan Morales, Global Vice President of Talent Transformation at Equifax, and Dr. Merary Simeon, Vice President of Diversity and Engagement at PepsiCo, share their expertise on empowering women to advocate for themselves and forge new career pathways.

2. Shifting an Organization's Mindset to Enact Real Change: Beth Teixeira, Director of Learning at Comscore, discusses a pivotal turning point for the organization and how it transformed culture and mindset.

3. The Changing Face of the CLO: Dr. Karen Wolf, Chief Learning Officer of ManTech International and Emma Engel, former Chief Learning and Inclusion Officer of Unisys (now with Lenovo) discuss the continuously evolving role of the CLO during transformative times.

4. Inclusion and a Growth Mindset: Special Olympics athlete Emanuelle Dutra Fernandes de Souza and former Chief of Organizational Excellence Denis Doolan educate us about maintaining international community and inclusion during the pandemic.

5. Reskilling a workforce at Scale: Helen Sussex, Director of Global Learning Design and Creation at CGI, discusses how the company navigated reskilling, upskilling, and futureproofing its workforce throughout the pandemic.

What's next? Season two, episodes one and two feature Ben Sieke, Director of Talent Development and Learning at Delta Dental who helps us understand the importance of "people transformation," and of building a learning culture in support of an improved customer experience.

I encourage you to listen to The Edge, and please let me know how the stories you hear help you transform your organization.

For even more transformational stories, I invite you to join us for Perspectives: Unleashed, our one-of-a-kind digital experience scheduled for September 22-23. Learn more and register now.

And, who knows? Perhaps the next story we listen to will be yours.

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