December 8, 2022 | What's Hot | 2 min read

According to the World Economic Forum, closing the global skills gap could add $11.5 trillion to global GDP by 2028. Yet, in the technology space, as Skillsoft's 2022 IT Skills and Salary Report found, 66 percent of IT decision makers worldwide are facing critical skills gaps in their departments.

With this in mind, Skillsoft has designed its technology & developer solutions to help companies build the technical skills they need—at scale—to operate, innovate, and transform for today’s digital world. Skillsoft’s technology & developer solutions provide:

  • Complete coverage of technology skills. Our courses span across Cloud, Cybersecurity, Data, Infrastructure, Software Development and Programming, with 75% of our top 500 most used courses updated in the past 12 months.
  • Multimodal learning options. We optimize skill acquisition, retention, and application through the largest collection of multimodal learning which includes 2,800 interactive hands-on lessons, 3,000+ ILT courses (available for additional purchase), and 30 live Bootcamps each year.
  • Clear paths to accelerate mastery. With over 500 comprehensive skill benchmarks, you can assess skill proficiency and provide tailored learning guidance for improving that proficiency.


In the past year, we have made dramatic improvements to our technology & developer solutions, delivering far more value to our learners and their organizations.

As part of that mission, now, Tech & Dev Expert and Skillsoft Expert both include access to Codecademy content and interactive platform, providing the most comprehensive interactive learning curriculum the market has to offer. The result empowers learners to accelerate the application of new technical skills in a real-time environment.

Codecademy offers interactive, hands-on courses in 15 programming languages across multiple domains such as web development and data science., including HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Bash/Shell, Ruby, C++, R, C#, PHP, Go, Swift, and Kotlin. Delivered through Skillsoft Percipio, these courses are bolstered by additional administrative and planning benefits, as well as links to critical tools like Skill Benchmarks Assessments and Career Journeys that allows learners to rate their level of proficiency in a particular skill and see where they can grow.

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Below are just a few of the benefits of Codecademy being included in Tech & Dev Expert and Skillsoft Expert:

  • Hands-on experience. Codecademy offers a hands-on learning methodology, which helps non-tech learners make the move to tech and have an easier time onboarding.
  • Highly-trusted content. Codecademy’s content has been created by seasoned subject matter experts with pedagogical knowledge, and is proven to build durable competencies, with 100+ projects that provide real-world examples for advanced learning.
  • Designed to uplevel and upskill. With an onboarding program and train-to-hire program, you can level up new engineers and get them job-ready or leverage the fullstack bootcamps which are designed to upskill your team quickly in programming and data.

For organizations looking for that safe, technical learning environment to reskill and upskill their employees, look no further. Get started with Tech & Dev Expert or Skillsoft Expert with Codecademy today by requesting a demo.

Join us to learn what makes Codecademy’s approach to learning so effective in establishing a baseline of coding knowledge and helping your workforce meet enterprise objectives.