10 Steps to Successful Business Writing, 2nd Edition

  • 2h 59m
  • Jack E. Appleman
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2018

In Today's Business World, You Are What You Write

Good writing can launch a career. It has the power to break through clutter and capture readers' imaginations. And good writing is not just a skill that marketers must master. Most workplace communication takes written form, and with the rising number of communication channels-social media, instant messaging, blogs-we're writing more and faster than ever.

With new chapters on electronic communication, 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing is your guide to capturing readers' attention and imagination. Writing instructor and coach, Jack Appleman uses examples and exercises to help you write with clarity and confidence. This updated edition covers the essentials of how to organize your text to hold your readers' attention; edit yourself for grammar, tone, and excess words; and master the documents for any workplace situation.

It doesn't matter if you're drafting a business plan, an email, or a Facebook post. Forget the shorthand, drop the exclamation points, and ditch the emojis. Learn to create concise, persuasive, and powerful text with 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing.

About the Author

Jack Appleman, APR, CBC, is a prominent writing instructor, coach, and author who is committed to helping individuals achieve better results with their writing. He is driven by the belief that everyone can significantly improve their text by following a series of straightforward steps. Jack's workshops, webinars, and coaching sessions have helped thousands of working professionals become more confident and proficient writers.

As principal of the Monroe, New York-based Successful Business Writing, Jack brings more than 25 years' experience as a corporate trainer, professor, and public relations professional. He is a frequent speaker and has published several articles on the importance of good writing. He's also contributed to several articles in the Wall Street Journal. In 2015, Jack received the Charles T. Morgan Award for lifetime excellence in corporate training from the Association for Talent Development's Northern New Jersey chapter.

A professor since 2001, Jack teaches technical writing at Southern New Hampshire University. He received the accreditation in public relations certification from the Public Relations Society of America and the Certified Business Communicator designation from the Business Marketing Association. Jack also has a BA in communication from Ohio State University and an MS in journalism from Ohio University. He is studying for a PhD in organizational communication at the State University of New York at Albany. He can be reached on Twitter @writecoachJack and by email: jack@successfulbusinesswriting.com.

In this Book

  • Get Started Easily and Naturally
  • Be Concise, Explicit, and Clear
  • Write with Style and Rhythm
  • Organize to Promote Understanding
  • Persuade Readers to Take Your Desired Action
  • Choose the Right Tone
  • Put Your Best Grammar on the Page
  • Edit and Proofread Effectively
  • Master Emails and Electronic Communication
  • Apply Writing Skills to Social Media Copy