Artful Persuasion: How to Command Attention, Change Minds, and Influence People

  • 4h 23m
  • Harry Mills
  • 2000

Anyone can be influenced--and anyone can learn to be a skilled influencer!

Artful Persuasion peels away the mystery that surrounds the psychology of influence and reveals how the world's most persuasive politicians, advertisers, salespeople, and spin doctors work their magic.

Like no other book available, Artful Persuasion looks at both the "hidden persuaders" people respond to unthinkingly and the consciously applied skills (building credibility, the language of persuasion, audience analysis) for getting people to say "yes."

The book's fascinating case studies into human behavior; its vivid examples of masterful persuaders like Churchill, Lincoln, and Roosevelt; and its practical, step-by-step guidelines help you put the extraordinary power of persuasion to work for you.

  • Speakers will win over hostile audiences.
  • Merchandisers will move products off the shelf.
  • Marketers will position their brands successfully.
  • Advertisers and PR professionals will jump-start campaigns.
  • Executives will negotiate win-win deals.
  • Managers will sell their ideas to top executives.
  • Employees will convince their bosses to give them raises.
  • Lawyers will influence skeptical juries.
  • Politicians will elicit voter confidence.
  • Fundraisers will solicit record-breaking donations.
  • Salespeople will sell products to reluctant buyers, and more!

About the Author

Harry Mills is the author of 22 books on sales, negotiation, and influence, including the best-selling Negotiate: The Art of Winning. He is also the chief executive of the international consulting and training company The Mills Group, whose clients include IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Unilever, Toyota, and Lexus.

In this Book

  • Thoughtful Persuasion, Mindless Influence
  • The Persuasion Effect
  • Foxes, Bloodhounds, and Donkeys
  • Persuasion Starts with Credibility
  • First Impression, Best Impression
  • Reading the Other Person
  • Power Talk!
  • Winning People's Hearts
  • Winning People's Minds
  • Power Pitches
  • Ask, Don't Tell!
  • Different Groups, Different Messages
  • Strategy Pure and Simple
  • Mindless Persuasion
  • Persuasion Trigger One: Contrast
  • Persuasion Trigger Two: Reciprocation
  • Persuasion Trigger Three: Commitment and Consistency
  • Persuasion Trigger Four: Authority
  • Persuasion Trigger Five: Scarcity
  • Persuasion Trigger Six: Conformity
  • Persuasion Trigger Seven: Liking
  • Icons of Influence
  • Footnotes