Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation: How to Help Individuals and Organisations Flourish

  • 5h 6m
  • Liz Hall (ed)
  • Kogan Page
  • 2015

Taking an in-depth look at crisis and change in the world and discussing their impact on both individuals and organizations, widely respected coach and author Liz Hall explains how to coach during crises and at any time of change (both positive and negative). She provides a practical guide and resource for managers and coaches on how to tackle challenges effectively and how to turn a crisis into an opportunity for transformation.

The book covers:

  • Definitions of crisis from both the individual and organizational perspective
  • Adapting to change and finding opportunities in crisis
  • What neuroscience tells us about our reactions to change
  • Transformative coaching
  • Change models
  • Supporting organizations in crisis
  • How coaching and mentoring can act as preventative measures against crises

About the Author

Liz Hall is an award-winning journalist and coach. Awards include the Periodical Training Association´s Journalist of the Year award and the Association for Coaching´s Award for Impacting (Leadership/External Focus) Service to the Wider Community for 2010-11. She is the editor and co-owner of "Coaching at Work" magazine, has written and worked for publications including "The Guardian"; "The Financial Times"; "The Observer" and "The Daily Mail". She has written publications including "The Employers´ Guide to Screening Employees" and "The Employer´s Guide to Monitoring Employees".


Dr. Paul Brown, Faculty Professor of Organizational Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland

Tony Buon, Managing Partner, Buon Consultancy

Margaret Chapman-Clarke, Chartered and Registered Psychologist, Gestalt Coach-Therapist, and Mindfulness Facilitator and Researcher

Rachel Ellison, Coach

Dr. Anthony M. Grant PhD, Director and Associate Professor of Psychology, Sydney University

Professor Erik de Haan, Director of the Ashridge Centre for Coaching and Professor of Organization Development and Coaching, VU University in Amsterdam

Dr. Anthony Kasozi, Director, Quilibra Consulting

Andrew Kinder, British Psychological Society Registered Coach and Chartered Counselling and Occupational Psychologist

Helen Leeder Barker, Director and Owner, Leeder Consulting

Dr. Sean O’Connor, Lecturer and Researcher, Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney

Neil Scotton and Dr. Alister Scott, Co-Founders, The One Leadership Project

In this Book

  • Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation─How to Help Individuals and Organizations Flourish
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Shared territory
  • Models and frameworks for exploring change and transition
  • No mud, no lotus?─Crisis as a catalyst for transformation
  • Coaching For Compassionate Resilience through Creative Methods─The Case for a ‘Turn to Autoethnography’
  • Insights from neuroscience
  • Executive Coaching In Times of Organizational Change: A Vital Support and Developmental Mechanism
  • Leaders in Crisis─Attending to the Shadow Side
  • The Role of Coaching In Supporting Organizations to Address Mental Health Issues
  • Nourishing the Lotus Flower: Turning Towards and Transforming Difficulties with Mindful Compassionate Coaching
  • Self-coaching
  • Legacy Thinking─An Approach for a Better Now, And a Better Future


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