Customer Service Training

  • 2h 15m
  • Maxine Kamin
  • Taylor and Francis
  • 2006

The Trainer’s Workshop Series is designed to be a practical, hands-on roadmap to help you quickly develop training in key business areas. Each book in the series offers all the exercises, handouts, assessments, structured experiences and ready-to-use presentations needed to develop effective training sessions. Customer Service Training provides practical, hands-on guidance to help you quickly develop customer service training. Dozens of field-tested exercises, games, activities, icebreakers and assessment instruments help you teach employees the importance of customer service and improve their performance. Contains exercises, handouts, assessments and tools to help you:

  • create fantastic customer service to meet your specific needs
  • raise the bar for service excellence
  • become a more effective and efficient facilitator
  • ensure training is on target and gets results

This book is a complete training programme. Its practical learning activities and embedded assessment tools will help any company understand that first-rate training equals first-rate customer service.

About the Author

Maxine Kamin, Maxine Kamin is the founder and president of TOUCH Consulting, Inc. She has been involved in leadership and customer service research and training for over 25 years.

In this Book

  • Introduction—Why Customer Service?
  • The Fantastic Service Equation
  • Assessing the Organizational Need
  • Designing Your Training
  • Facilitating the Training Session
  • Evaluating Learning
  • One-Hour Programme
  • Half-Day Programme
  • One-Day Programme
  • Training Executives and Supervisors
  • Customer Service and the Bottom Line
  • Assessments
  • Learning Activities
  • Optional Learning Activities


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