Digital Adaptation

  • 2h 27m
  • Paul Boag
  • Smashing Magazine
  • 2014

Nothing is more frustrating than stubborn management entangled in dated workflows and inefficient processes. That's why we created Digital Adaptation, a new practical book on how to help senior management understand the Web and adapt the business, culture, teams and workflows accordingly. No fluff, no theory — just techniques and strategies that worked in practice, and showed results.

The book will help traditional businesses and organizations to overcome their legacy, and help you plant the seeds of change with very little power. If you do want to finally see changes happening, this is the book to grab.

Written by Paul Boag. Designed by Veerle Pieters. 176 pages. The print release is scheduled for March 25th 2014, but of course you get the eBook right away.

About the Author

Paul Boag has been working on the Web since 1993. He is Web Strategist at Headscape Ltd, a web design agency that he co-founded back in 2002. Paul also produces and hosts the longest-running and award-winning web design podcast at He is a regular speaker at conferences and author of Client-Centric Web Design.

In this Book

  • The Digital Divide
  • Setting Your Digital Direction
  • Adopting a Digital Culture
  • Digital Teams: Agents of Change
  • Digital Demands a Different Way of Working
  • Grassroots Change