Email Marketing

  • 5h 11m
  • Anthony Priore, Jim Sterne
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2000

This book arms marketing, advertising, and publicity professionals with inexpensive new e-mail techniques for reaching larger audiences and forging lasting customer relationships. Expert Jim Sterne explains what e-mail marketing is and why it's here to stay. He teaches the ins and outs of creating an effective e-mail marketing strategy. Readers will learn how to craft an e-mail campaign, write masterpieces of e-mail advertising; use newsletters and special promotions to enhance a campaign; measure the effectiveness of e-mail strategies; and advertise through affiliates. And they get valuable templates that they can use to jump-start their own e-mail marketing campaigns.

About the Authors

Jim Sterne is a leading world expert on Internet marketing. He specializes in creating Internet marketing strategies for businesses. Sterne produced the world's first seminar on Internet marketing in 1994 and is an internationally recognized speaker at industry conferences. Information about his company, Target Marketing of Santa Barbara, can be found at

Anthony Priore is Vice President of Marketing for, the premier outsourcer of permission email marketing technologies and services ( Priore is a recognized leader in the direct marketing and e-commerce marketing fields. His career in marketing spans nearly 20 years and includes executive positions with Peapod, The Leo Burnett Company, Citicorp Diners Club, and DDB Needham Worldwide.

In this Book

  • Email Marketing
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Spam: The Email We Love to Hate
  • Defining Opt-in
  • Crafting an Email Campaign
  • Setting Your Sights: Targeting Your Message
  • Writing an Email Masterpiece
  • E-Newsletters, E-Promotions, and OPEmail
  • Testing Your Talent, Reckoning Your Response, and Managing Your Email
  • Stories from the Front Line
  • A Look toward the Future