Leading the Unleadable: How to Manage Mavericks, Cynics, Divas, and Other Difficult People

  • 3h 4m
  • Alan Willett
  • 2017

The control-freak, the narcissist, the slacker, the cynic... Difficult people are the worst part of a manager's job.

Whether it comes from direct reports or people above, outbursts, irrational demands, griping, and other disruptions need to be dealt with--and it's your responsibility to do it. Leading the Unleadable turns this dreaded chore into a straight forward process that gently, yet effectively, improves behaviors. Written by an insider in the tech industry, where personality issues routinely wreck projects, the book reveals a core truth: most people actually want to contribute results, not cause headaches.

Once you realize the potential for change, the book's simple steps, examples, and scripts explain how to right even the most hopeless situations. You'll learn how to:

  • Master the necessary mindset
  • Explain the problem calmly in a short feedback session
  • Get a commitment to change, and follow up
  • Coach others to replicate the process
  • Develop the situational awareness required to spot trouble even earlier in the future

Every manager has "problem people." What sets great managers apart is how they turn them into productive team players. Prepare to transform the troublesome into the tremendous.

About the Author

Alan Willett is the master of the "friction points" of organizations highly dependent on technology. This ranges from organizations that create world class software products to the organization that use those product to create their own competitive advantage.

What is a friction point? It is the space where the technology needs and the business needs meet, sometimes with harmony and often with discordant collisions. Either way there is always heat generated. Alan is the expert who transforms organizational friction points to produce positive results for the business and the people that create and use the technology.

In this Book

  • The Leadership Crisis Point
  • Accept the Call of Exceptional Leadership
  • The Mindset to Lead the Unleadable
  • Fine-Tune Your Radar for Trouble
  • Take Action: Transforming the Troublesome
  • Follow Through: A Bridge to Enduring Improvement
  • Decision Time: Remove or Improve?
  • The Need for Mountains
  • Set Expectations of Excellence
  • Expecting Excellence Every Day
  • Exceptional Starts Lead to Exceptional Results
  • Lead Leaders: Growing Proven Ability
  • Leader, Lead Thyself: Exceptional Self-Leadership
  • Closing Notes on Transforming the Troublesome to the Tremendous