Managing People: Secrets to Leading for New Managers

  • 1h 9m
  • Barry Silverstein
  • HarperCollins
  • 2007

In today's competitive business climate, managers who help employees achieve their individual potential stand to get and stay ahead. Managing People, a comprehensive and essential resource for any manager on the run, shows you how.

Learn to:

  • Delegate the right work to the right employee
  • Motivate people to outperform the competition
  • Establish and empower effective teams
  • Manage multiple projects and stay on track
  • Inspire trust and lead in times of change

About the Author

Barry Silverstein is a business writer and management consultant. He has 30 years of experience managing and motivating people in small and large businesses. He founded his own direct and Internet marketing agency and ran it for 20 years, growing it to a $5 million, 50-person organization. He also held management positions with Xerox Corporation and advertising agency Arnold Worldwide.

Silverstein is the author of three titles in the Collins Best Practices series. He is also the coauthor of The Breakaway Brand (McGraw-Hill, 2005) and the author of Business-to-Business Internet Marketing (Maximum Press, 2001) and Internet Marketing for Information Technology Companies (Maximum Press, 2001).

In this Book

  • Managing People—Secrets To Leading For New Managers
  • Preface
  • Managing People 101
  • Essential Skill I Managing Individuals
  • Essential Skill II Managing Teams
  • Essential Skill III Managing Projects
  • Essential Skill IV Leadership & Communication
  • Off and Running
  • Recommended Reading