MIT Sloan Management Review Article on Leader as Motivator

  • 51m
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • 2018

How do you keep your company going? What are the best ways to motivate your employees?

In this collection of articles, you’ll learn:

  • the right ways to balance the interests of customers, employees, board members, and other groups of people impacted by your business
  • how to evaluate the ways your company attracts and manages talent in the internet era
  • four cultural factors aggravating the issues involved in design thinking
  • a new management model, completely distinct from traditional administrative structures
  • how to use the power of branding internally
  • five dimensions you can use to evaluate the level of engagement among staff
  • how “emotional intelligence” can be used to attract and retain talent, as well as promote employee engagement

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In this Book

  • Introduction
  • The Question Every Executive Should Ask
  • The Four Ways to Manage Digital Talent and Why Two of Them Don’t Work
  • Why Design Thinking in Business Needs a Rethink
  • Leading to Become Obsolete
  • The Project Management Tool You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
  • Measuring the Benefits of Employee Engagement
  • Salary, Benefits, Bonus … and Being


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