Move the World: Persuade Your Audience, Change Minds, and Achieve Your Goals

  • 2h 17m
  • Dean M. Brenner
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2007

What if there were a perfect, proven formula for effective persuasion? What if there were a simple system you could follow to convince almost anyone of almost anything?

Now there is. In Move the World, communications expert Dean Brenner unlocks the secrets of verbal persuasion through a deceptively simple but extremely powerful system. He introduces a step-by-step process that will dramatically increase your ability to persuade your audience to follow your lead, buy your product, or invest in your idea.

The power of persuasion is one of the most useful and crucial skills for lasting professional and personal success, whether you're a salesperson, teacher, politician, business leader, lawyer, or member of the media. If you can communicate persuasively, you'll add value to any group in any situation. In Move the World, you'll learn how to identify and refine your goals, understand your audience and their beliefs, and craft a plan for persuasion—before you even begin speaking.

Verbal persuasion is difficult. But the Move the World System will help make you more effective, influential, and persuasive in every aspect of your life. Regardless of how well-developed your speaking and presentation skills might be, Move the World will show you how to become a world-class advocate for your company, your products, your ideas, and yourself.

About the Author

Dean M. Brenner is the President and founder of The Latimer Group LLC, an executive coaching and training firm that teaches persuasive speech and effective communication skills to its Fortune 500 clients. In addition, as Chairman of the United States Olympic Sailing Program, he leads an organization that supports the US Sailing Team and the athletes training for the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In this Book

  • Move the World—Persuade Your Audience, Change Minds, and Achieve Your Goals
  • How We Communicate Today—and Why We Are So Bad at It
  • The Move the World System: Understanding the Metaphor and the Method
  • The GAP Method Part I: Identify Your Goals
  • The GAP Method, Part II: Understand Your Audience
  • The GAP Method Part III: Create Your Plan for Persuasion
  • Gaining Weight Part I: Build Essential Delivery Skills
  • Gaining Weight Part II: Build Credibility
  • If You Remember Nothing Else, Remember These Things
  • Postscript—An Invitation to Change Your Life Part II