Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems

  • 4h 27m
  • Markus Ståhlberg, Ville Maila (eds)
  • Kogan Page
  • 2014

Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems examines a fundamental game changer for the entire marketing industry - the seismic shift from a single TV centric path to a multichannel interactive ecosystem which puts digital technology at the heart of every campaign. With separate chapters on the remaking of marketing, the rise of the digital brand, conversion optimization, m commerce, searchability in a multichannel world and predictive marketing, this book shows how marketers and brand managers can react positively to changes in consumer behavior, building customer responses and loyalty via the full spectrum of digital media.

This book features 32 contributors from leading marketing companies across the globe such as, the California-based accounting software company Intuit, South Carolina-based Content Marketing company Enveritas Group, California-based advertising company Tribal Fusion, and SapientNitro, an international marketing and advertising company.

About the Editors

Markus Stahlberg is the CEO of .PROMO Inc. and Ville Maila is the founder and App Director. .PROMO Inc. is an App-based marketing automation platform that makes campaign execution as easy as using the App Store. Together they are the editors of Shopper Marketing: How to Increase Purchase Decisions at the Point of Sale (Kogan Page).

In this Book

  • Introduction to the Multichannel Marketing Ecosystem
  • The Rise of Digital Branding
  • Holistic Design for Consumer Engagement
  • TV is Dead, Long Live TV
  • Multichannel Ecosystem Toolbox
  • Conversational Customer Journey Planning
  • Emerging Mobile Dynasty
  • Cross-Channel Analytics
  • Software-Driven Marketing ROI
  • Why do Big Companies Fail in the Multichannel Ecosystem?
  • How E-mail Defines, Builds and Leverages Brands
  • How to Win Your Zero Moment of Truth
  • 360° Direct Response Marketing
  • Creating Relevant Conversations
  • Social Media Romance
  • Changing Face of Facebook Marketing
  • Essentials of Mobile Marketing Technologies
  • How Brands Can Succeed in the Local Mobile Revolution
  • E-mail: Lifeblood of the Online Ecosystem
  • Integrating Search to a Multichannel Mix
  • What Really Counts in Metrics
  • Marketing Automation with Apps
  • Using Storytelling to Build Sales
  • Converting Customer Dialogues into Revenue
  • What Comes After Social Media
  • How to Spell Marketing in 2015: Product Development
  • Smarter Checkouts: Beyond the Transaction
  • Making Money with Metrics that Matter
  • Customer Currency: Contextualized Data Insights
  • Introduction to Predictive Marketing