New Employee Orientation Training, First Edition

  • 2h 13m
  • Karen Lawson
  • Taylor and Francis
  • 2006

If you ever have to design new employee orientation programs at the organizational or departmental level, here's a guide that will make the process much easier and help you solve the most common challenges you are likely to face. Use the customizable PowerPoint presentation slides to expedite your new employee training and get new hires up-to-speed in a flash.

About the Author

Karen Lawson is an international consultant, author, and executive coach. She has extensive consulting and workshop experience in the areas of management, team development, communication, and quality service across a wide range of industries, including financial services, pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, health care, and government. She is a much sought-after speaker at regional and national professional conferences, and is the author of seven other books. She holds a doctorate degree in adult and organizational development from Temple University.

In this Book

  • Introduction—How to Use This Book Effectively
  • Identifying the Orientation Needs of New Employees
  • Designing an Interactive Programme
  • Preparing for a New Employee Orientation Programme
  • Facilitating a New Employee Orientation Programme
  • Evaluating Your New Employee Orientation Programme
  • Delivering a Training Room-Based Orientation Programme at the Organization Level
  • Conducting a Departmental Orientation
  • Delivering Distance Orientation
  • Learning Activities
  • Helpful Checklists and Other Tools